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Blackflame Friede, bring on the pain and the constant having to go through the first two phases again.
I defeated her third time
Ikr? I got to the third phase after five tries and ended up failing twice on the third phase. I'm personally done. I don't need her scythe...I want it really *****ing bad, but it's not worth that *****ing headache


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I have defeated her every new game I have played so far and I'm now starting my 8th playthrough of the game
Why does it say gunyrs location?
Big dude in phase two is weak to dark. Seems to be weaker to fire than friede phase 2.
Anyone know where she is located?
she is located by the ariandel chapel bonfire. she is sitting on a chair directly next to the statue in front of the bonfire, cant miss her. however she is a hologram of some sorts, for if you attack her she just evaporates. to actually fight her, you must first make your way to the pit of insect creatures, which you will find by progressing from the snowy mountain bonfire. in the pit of insects, there is a wheel that you must turn, which triggers a cut scene, showing the statue she is sitting by in the ariandel chapel rotate and reveal a staircase. down that staircase you can actually begin the very frustrating boss fight.
dude I summoned didn't appear at the second phase.. WTF!!
Its not Father Lloyde, its Father Ariandel, and i would rename this boss to Father Ariandel and Sister Friede as it is both of them.
Does anyone know what happens if you attack her before the boss fight?
She turns to snow and disappears. It's the same as when you hit Gehrman
she also giggles at you
Man This freaking boss fight isnt fair
I know is DS But man this is the most difficult one ( In my opinion) And i completed all the DS Games in ng,ng+,ng++ etc
Try and fight Father Ariandel First.
If it's hard you're getting your money's worth.
what happens if you try to kill friede before she goes on boss mode ?
I would guess you can't kill her
she respawn like firekeeper
If you attack her or Vilheim at the chapel, they will just seem to turn into snow/dust, but will respawn if the area is reloaded.