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I'm the one who notice that Friede's Scythe have really more stunlock on the enemy mob? I mean the difference is only on the mob, monster ecc not on the enemy players. For example once if you hit the Abyss watcher with a scythe after some hit's he will roll out probably but never with this scythe. Probably it's just a mine impression,
Yup. Also stuns dark wraiths and outrider knights in one hit



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The frost affects enemies/bosses as well. Next time you fight Dragonslayer Armour, frost his *** and try to notice the difference in aggression+combos
Looks great, good moveset, good damage, cool weapon art, is there anything it can't do?
It can't stay away from meta scrubs :P
It can't beat the Soul of Cinder. That's for sure.
Anyone can beat the Soul of Cinder with this weapon. Hell, with the openings it leaves, any weapon will do. That's for sure.
zero tracking and short range
Actually it can beat Soul of Cinder pretty easy... Zero tracking, ok, but short range? U kidding, right?
FUGS weapon art smashes this scythe's weapon art mid animation.
Which build gives better AR? 50 dex/40 int, 40 dex/ 50 int, or 45/45?
Between the three 50dex/40int gives the best AR (652), however the weapon's scaling gets kinda bad after level 40 for both stats, so I'd simply use a 40/40 build (640 AR) if you want to save some levels. Also keep in mind that when two handing this weapon it only scales with dex unless you're using the weapon art.
Just in case, if you R2 then R1 you skip the leaping attack, it costs focusbut you don't get caught in the air like a dork.
If I dont have season pass ... Can someone drop me that item or its impossible ?
It's possible for someone to drop Friede's Great Scythe for you, but getting the scythe by yourself will feel more rewarding.


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I have a feeling that the reason this DLC is catered so much towards Dex builds is because the next DLC will be just as focused on Strength builds. Hopefully it will introduce big buffs to the viability of pure Faith and Faith/Str builds as well.
There's actually quite a few Str weapons in Ashes, its quality weaps that are missing
LOL, Hope and Change with From....good luck man!
With how the universal, but boring quality reigns supreme, I'd be happy for any specialized *and* viable weapons.


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Well, it seems like you were wrong =D
When holding the scythe and talking to yuria a unique line of dialogue is heard. only heard it once, she didnt say it more than once, more of a statement greeting.
This community is out of its minds.
I haven't tried or noticed that, but I wouldn't be surprised, as friede's dialogue changes If you are aligned with yuria. They are purportedly sisters.
What would be the best starting class for this weapon?
Mercenary would be the best starting class for this weapon, since the mercenary has a good mix of dex and int. The Assassin would also be a good choice.
The knight and the pyro are the best classes, once they have few points waisted in luck. The knight has better vit, wich a prefer, and the pyro best faith. The second best class is the mercenary, followed by the assassin.
Sorcerer with ease, that is if you plan on putting points on int... check mugenmonkey for the optimal class when you need it!
For build with 40 Vigor, 40 End, 40 Dex, and 40 Int, you're best off starting as a Deprived or Mercenary. I ran a build calculator, and these 2 are the most efficient ways to soul lvl 125.
Its only me or its almost impossible to hit people with R1 in PVP??? R1s just passes through the air without hiting anybody...they even dont need to roll to escape from the attack . I'm really disapointed I'm having sucess only spamming the Weapon Art. If I could get that slab back at least...
Most people see it coming and it doesn't track very well. That said, when it hits you usually get a few good hits in.
You gotta be right with timing


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It is due to the nature of reapers. First, probably most importantly, Reapers are incredibly easy to dodge. Second, Reapers only deal full damage when you connect with the blade piece. You suffer a 20% damage penalty if you do not connect with the blade. The true benefit is that if you can land a single hit, you're guaranteed another hit due to stunlock. My recommendation is to offset the timing of your second swing so the that roll through the first attack are caught off-guard.
I'm into reapers but this one does not do it for me. Staff is far too long compared to the short blade what makes it look really awkward. I would give it a second thought if the weapon art wouldn't give an opponent, if he wasn't hit and that happens more often than not, enough time to prepare a well placed counterattack.