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By Anonymous
Maybe not. I do really enjoy the Manikin Claw's Quick Step WA. Though these look too cool to pass up.
By livevilforever
Nah, Manikin Claws have quickstep and that will let them keep their current relevancy. The regular Claws might be though.
By Anonymous
Can the Crow Talons parry in the left hand?
By Anonymous
My new build:

Hollowed Crow Talon main weapon (+5 luck)
Hollowed Manikin Claws / Normal claw offhand (+5 luck)

Both parry on offhand so you can do a quick Y+L2 and you can change playstyle mid combat by equiping them in both hands.
By Anonymous
The weapon art description sounds kinda funny ( i can just imagine the player flapping the things like a dumb bird )
By Anonymous
The crows in bloodborne >u<
By Anonymous
the threaded cane was really good for dealing with them so MAYBE the counter to the crows talons is some sort of whip?
By Anonymous
Its looks so bad *** when you use the weapons art
By Anonymous
anyone know the scaling on these at +10?
By ZubZeroX
Mate, just check the above table:

Regular +10 - Base: 182 Strength: D Dex: C
By zombie_kill_55
Does the weapon art cause the full bleed damage of the weapon with each hit or not? if each does then it will be one strong bleed weapon
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By Aigaion
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The weapon will pretty much takes 80-90% of someones HP if you land the WA.
By Anonymous
These things at +10 and infused with a hollow gem on a luck build are extremely good, they have a newish moveset and if you catch people with all of the weapon art then its an almost guaranteed bloodloss
By Anonymous
Where are these located? or can you farm them off the enemies that have them?
By Anonymous
It's a lootable on top of one the the roofs in the Corovian Settlement
By Anonymous
seeing all these fools running around with these sick weapons is going to force me to get the DLC because they look so freakin sick
By Anonymous
So it's useless to Hollow infuse because the aux affect doesn't change?
By Anonymous
What? Hollow adds massive damage scaling via luck and allows you to buff with Carthus Rouge. That's like the go to tactic for Bleed builds...
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