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Theres a butthurt yabk vandal going around everywhere falsifying that William is Irish. Be aware of him vandalising this page.
Hes immensely butthurt that the main char is of the best nationality in history
By Anonymous
William speaks with a clear Irish accent in the trailer and the trailer is narrated in the Irish language. He's either Irish in the game or the Japanese are very confused.
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Perhaps to elucidate this: The real-life William Adams was a pure-blooded Englishman. Nioh's version of William Adams is Irish-Japanese.
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Except he speaks with an Irish accent in the game lol
By Anonymous
The character in game is clearly Irish. Irish accent, Irish named spirit and gaelige used in the trailer.
By Anonymous
and whats this jive about "the best nationality in history" thats bull.
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So, basically, the voice actor is Irish (Ben Peel, born in Belfast according to Behind the Voice Actors), but the real life historical person was a bloke born in Kent (south-east England, rather far away from Ireland). So, for all intents and purposes 'Englishman' is correct because the character was born in England.
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AiddonValentine (EN): Why did you decide to change William's ancestry from English to Irish?
We understand that the Irish have a culture of spirits and one of the premises behind William’s character is his ability to see yokai/ spiritual characters so that’s why we made him Irish

From: ... p/24864763

So now you not only look like an *** for that tone, you look like a wrong ***
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The more you know, I guess. I hadn't seen that interview at the time, so all I had to go off was the Wikipedia page compared to the Behind the Voice Actors thing (although, to be fair, I also didn't consider the possibility that they would change him to be Irish either). So, my bad.

Also, I know that tone of voice is impossible to convey through text, but that paragraph was never meant to 'sound' condescending or patronising at all.
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just surprised were already talking about nationality really
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"we decided not to have any custom character creation" big mistake, a good aspect of the souls games is your the star not some white hair male only character. Please add full custom character creation, with female option. Use lore to flesh out the world not a lead character.
By Anonymous
First. This isn't a souls game. Second it's nice to have an actual game that says here's the hero deal with it. I like customization as much as the next guy but sometimes it's not needed because to tell the story it needs to be done in a specific way.
By Anonymous
the thing is that in dark souls the purpose of character creation is that your looking for the story in the game but in nioh your been told of the story about the protagonist and hes adventure in become the first samurai western , whats the point of story telling if its not gonna target a expecific character that you play as? your not wrong but this game dosent have to be everything that dark souls
By Anonymous
This game is NOT Dark Souls. Not every Souls-Like game that comes out has to follow the exact formula of Dark Souls as if it was some holy religious text. It's actually tasteless in my eyes. It's much more pleasant on the eyes to see a game that takes Dark Souls as an inspiration but with innovative and new ideas than a game that shamelessly tries to copy Soulsborne without adding anything new or worthwhile.
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By ReiterSplash
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Who said that Nioh was a Soulsborne game? Sure, it has some aspects of it but it's not made by the same brand. William Adams is a real person, and Nioh is a more fantasized story of William Adams being the first western samurai, because obviously he didn't fight Yokai or have guardian spirits in the real world. "good aspect of the souls games is your the star" But we STILL control William, right? Doesn't that mean that we're still the "star" here? It's not like we're watching a movie.
By Anonymous
It's not a souls game! The lore is based on actual historical figure who happened to be a white male.And fleshing out the lore with a main character works here. Somehow I get the feeling that if a protagonist was a female character you wouldn't be so butthurt. Hypocrite.Stop being a feminazi and just enjoy the goddamn game.
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Well this aint souls, nygguh! Be grateful they even made another Dark Souls like game, because unless by some miracle, they aint making a kingsfield V (or Vi, counting japan.).
By Anonymous
Lets just agree to disagree that this is pretty much a Souls game since we're obviously talking on how the playstyle is set minus the odd tweaks here and there and it doesn't NEED to have customisable characters just so feminists can live out their fantasies of "we need more female protagonists and game developers are sexist pigs for making the star of the game a guy".
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I'm Excited and thrilled when this game is released , a story to be told to all of us , to be shared with and all of its gameplay , enemies , myths in the culture and atmosphere just makes it all the more worth it , I do not mind no character customization because it would ruin the story quiet a lot but I have high hopes for this as well as reading and getting a knowledge of all this yokais and daemons and this game is a great example of getting inspired by something but as well been its own game , lets all have fun till the end guys!!
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What an uninteresting looking protagonist, I hate Geralt from the witcher so making this guy a copy of that loser hurts this game in my eyes, I really wish there was a character creator.
By Anonymous
About halfway through the areas you can change your character model
By Anonymous
Or just put a helmet on.
By Anonymous
Stop crying about the character and play the game you snowflake.
By Anonymous
Im thorwing a ninja mask on this boring guy and calling it a day.
By Anonymous
Finally get a game based on this bad *** historical figure from my home town...and they make him Irish. Like come on we even have Japanese street names in Gillingham and a festival once a year to celebrate his life. Would it of been that hard just to make him English not Irish.
By Anonymous
I'm Irish myself and I'm annoyed by this. They pulled this***** in the saboteur as well. If the person the character's based on is x nationality, just make them that nationality
By Anonymous
Are you really THAT triggered?
By Anonymous
Irish trash
By Anonymous
Because nobody want to play as english trash
By Anonymous
The Irish accent just sounds a lot more cooler.
By Anonymous
Imagine being English and complaining about anyone misrepresenting you lmaooooo, protestant trash burn in hell
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This whole joke about him looking like Geralt barely even makes sense when you don't think about it, but the moment you even slightly scrutinize it becomes an outright idiotic claim. I'd be fine with it if it was meant to be "ironic" of sorts, where people obviously know he looks nothing like Geralt but they still say he does as an inside joke but it seems that's not the case.

Geralt has golden eyes, William's are blue.
Geralt has a very narrow concave jaw and chin while William's is VERY convex and broad.
Even the hair itself which is what is mainly making people think of Geralt isn't even white, it's golden blonde.

If I was a wiki editor I wouldn't entertain this "trivia". It isn't even trivia in the first place, even if the similarities were there.
By Anonymous
Dont even pretend he doesnt look like Geralt, that just makes you seem desperate and cringey.
However, I DO agree that its not something worth putting into the trivia.
By Anonymous
Who the ***** is grealt?
By Anonymous
Funny enough I think you pretending he does look like Geralt makes you seem desperate and cringey, Anon. Desperate to regurgitate a really tired joke, and cringey for regurgitating a really unfunny joke.
By Anonymous
If anything he looks like Jin Kazama to me XD
By Anonymous
***** you
By Anonymous
Why do people make such a fuss over this guy? I've seen people saying things ranging from "why is he irish?" To "why the ***** isn't he customizable?". Jesus, just accept the fact that the developers wanted him to be like that and go enjoy the game for the jewel it is.
By Anonymous
Yeah its about time we had a LGBT queer for a video game hero
By Anonymous
i like him. customizable or not.