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time for corona virus joke
Turns out it does poison damage irl...


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I spent on a long time on a faith build trying to make good use of this spell because it just looks so dang cool despite its abysmal damage - and taking advantage of the physical damage combined with the fact that it repeatedly deals damage made this a godsend for the .001 instances where lightning couldn't cut it.
You know what time it is.
try tongue butthole and let there be death



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It would have been cool if you could transpose Gael's soul to get a stronger version of this spell like he uses in battle
As cool as that sounds, it would have been better if either this ability was buffed (even a little bit) or if the repeater crossbow actually had the damage to make up for it's special as a boss weapon. However, I'd believe it if what you said was the case, considering we have Gnaw and Dorhy's Gnawing, anyways.
Corona that casts discs in all directions and when it comes back to you they all hit in unison that would actually be wack
Cinders mod
Fun fact to anyone who manages to recognize the meaning of "aureoles" (or who reads comments often): Aureoles are "circles of light or brightness surrounding something, usually to represent an object or person as holy." The little "Resonance" spots in Dark Souls / Remastered where small rings of light showing where players use miracles online (i.e. If a player uses a miracle in their world, other players connected to the same network will see a resonance marker in the area where you cast that miracle, therefor boosting the miracle power of their own). Those "Aureoles" mentioned in the lore are Resonance, meaning that canonically, any character/player who survived from DS1 to DS3 might remember the days when miracles shared power between worlds. Don't know if this should be referenced as trivia, but I thought it was neat that From remembered and referenced their own mechanic. It means that literally every living being could see the glowing circle floating in thin air out of nowhere, which makes the cut-scene from Sens Fortress to Anor Londo make more sense.
Someone make a Corona Virus build with pestilent mist and way of white corona
Ha ha corona joke
Just imagine this miracle had a "hold" function like the lightning arrow. You could hold the corona until your enemy gets closer and then never actually release it because it's f***ing garbage.
i actually died while reading this nice job man
I smell a stolen joke
People making coronavirus jokes in this comment section have a really sick sense of humor lol
It's a way to cope with the lockdown even before the pandemic the majority will still enjoy dark humor.
It was a joke. He said they had a “sick” sense of humor since corona is a virus that makes people sick