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actually this miracle isn’t as bad as everyone talks about it , I found a way to use it properly , you can use it to make a diversion , you can try to desorientate your opponent by going around while the disk is used as a trap to prevent your enemy’s actions , just keep it near and use it as combo starter if you time it right , it’s like putting an automatic mine on your strategy... or even can be used as fleeing while being assisted by the disc behind you to strike your pursuer... its like deploying a temporary ally to use its little time to use it as a diversion or a back up plan.... anyway , i’m just here to say that even bad spells can be useful when you try to find a strategy about it
I'll be honest. All that***** you said sounds cool in a James Bond film or Splitter Cell. But here in Dark Souls, the FP cost, stat requirements and certainly the two Corvian Knights you have to deal with aren't worth it for just a mere "diversion". A flimsy apology for this spell that any competent player that isn't just being carried throughout the game by their three overleveled phantoms can outright ignore this little strategy by staying from in between you and this disc.



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Your goin big brain.
Why disorient you opponent... When you could just kill them normally? Applying a bit of pressure at the cost of an attunement slot, 15 fp and the embarassment of using way of white corona isn't really worth it
There is no reason this spell should do less damage than Lightning Spear. It should do more, in my opinion, but there's certainly no reason it should do less. Not only does it do far less damage than LS, it does close to no damage at all. This is the worst spell in the game. It could have been fun, but it's useless. Never use it.
It's like disc golf without the fun. Or the winning.
The game of frizbee has come a long way since then. Now, they're made of foam and plastic so they can do more damage than whatever this spell is made of
For when you wanna cosplay as Krillian and be about as useful as him too.
SL 1 Runs- Small Brain No Hit Runs- Big Brain WoWC only Runs- Super Brain
oNlY tHe BiGgEsT oF bRaInS wIlL uNdErStAnD!!!!
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Too bad From Software isn't tuning the game content anymore, especially after the DLC came out they just gave up balancing stuff they never used. I do wonder though, if you use this spell in low level invasions, would it work?
Considering everyone’s physical absorption is lessened at lower levels and you can get the priestess ring for the extra faith missing. Wouldn’t be too bad at all with an aggressive play style l.
Way of white corona virus
Op pls nerf
just like the corona virus, 3% lethality
The strongest miracle.
Best spell ever
thank you dark souls