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'Corona' is Italian for 'Crown' y'all, not only Latin.
its also almost hungarian too, cuz it is 'korona' in that language
However the word corona in Italian language comes from Latin, lol.
I wonder if that has something do with the beer brand CORONA too?
Also in Spanish, they're just stating its meaning in Latin bc other langauges have variants, which is only due to the influence of Latin in said languages.
Κορόνα (pronounced "Corona") is also the Greek word for Crown.
Influenced by latin? More like branching directly from it. Romance languages...
Корона in Russian
Great for sailor moon cosplay...other than that...also the description seems a reference to DS1 resonnance mechanic. Lol
Moon tiara action!
"Fighting hollow by the moonlight!"
Lol two sailor moon references back to back
Okay, no. "worst miracle in the game"? No. Divine pillars of***** takes that spot by the farthest margin imaginable.
Dead Again?
Dead again is at least super useful for hosts, DPoL is just*****ty in any scenario. It misses more than hits and negates it's own damage with it's knockup that for some reason has i frames...
how about the starting heal herald’s have as starting equipment? it heal as mush as eating 30 raw potatos in Skyrim
Divine Pillars can be useful if you're ganking or if you ambush an opponent in a tight spot. Divine Pillars ARE really bad, don't get me wrong, but WoWC is just garbage through and through.
At least divine pillars has a chance to hurt your opponent
I like this miracle because I can make a character from a different game and play him on Dark Souls 3. Pretty much the only ranged attack spell I use
Only strong when santa gael uses it
Actually if you manage to make it stop on the target it deals pretty good damage. At 55 faith, saint talisman +8 it deals approximately 800 white a good cast. Generally the sweet spot is at max lock on range
Edit: just noticed someone else already pointed it out
Does this spell deal magic damage? I know it isn't a lightning spell, but it has to have some damage typing, right?
It deals physical damage



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IMO, this spell should've been the Cleric's alternative to Farron Dart. Picture this, Way of White Corona is given the cast animation of Farron Dart, has its damage reduced a tad bit as compromise, focus cost reduced to 5-6, and then no longer dissipates when hitting a wall. Would it not be a valuable spell for chip damage and other utility?
That or make it the Cleric's alternative to Homing Soulmass: at 18 Faith, you only have one Corona, but it hones in on your locked on target on both the outgoing and return trip; you then get more Coronas per cast up to 5 at about 30 Faith (so something like 2 at 21, 3 at 24, 4 at 27 and finally 5 at 30).
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