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This miracle looks fun, although I don't look forward to double dodging it!
Don't worry, you won't have to because it deals no damage
It does a whopping 30~ damage in pvp... what a disappointment, it's great for mindgames but needs a serious buff before anyone can actually use it. Also keytip, if you throw it so it stops on your enemy, it'll hit 4 times! (If they don't move), that's a whole 120 damage! Almost a dagger swing but with much more waiting!
Erm. Do you actually have any Faith investment beyond the requirements? What talisman or chime are you using? These are the things we need to know.
Lol 640 damage from mine, you have scrub damage
it's certainly not your faith. Maybe they screwed up again and it scales with int?
It's a pretty cool idea but in reality it's pretty bad, it's cool that you can throw it and it hits them and then comes back to you potentially hitting them again but even if you get those hits the damage is pitiful and not worth the attunment slot. Seeing it buffed in the future to have either higher damage or the ability to bounce off of enemy to enemy Before coming back to you would make it viable and pretty cool. but besides that, it's a cool spell and kinda fun to use but overall out classed by many other things and should be buffed if it wants to be good, it's a fun and cool spell but it sucks that it is the only one in the dlc and isn't very good. please From make some great badass Miracles for this game.
Wow clerics are screwed over again. Maybe yaki hates them like patches. Sorcery gets 2 pyro gets something useful and now we get this crap. Faith needs at least 2 more OFFENSIVE MIRACLES
actually pyro didnt get somethineng useful the new pyromancy bites ***
I understand that faith is centered around buffs but it's ridiculous that sorcery gets its own OP spells and buffs and even defenses while all us clerics and paladins have to rely of Force and wotg, Corona could have been something like lothric light or maybe a miracle that shots balls of light that follow the oponent kinda like what lothric does in the boss fight Seriously this is pathetic, stop screwing clerics over i!cheap and unfair.
pyros DID get something useful - that cool-ass sword.
only spell thats good is snap freeze
this is literally full of *****
GG From.At 99 faith (coz i am cheating lul) and best catalyst it deals 90+90 damage. Worst spell ever.
I can't find it...someone help please
The spell is a treasure in the village area of the DLC, it's in the building opposite the one in which you fight Vilhelm NPC (the graveyard area),

Sadly the spell is not very powerful, it's okay for pulling (short range?) if you don't have anything else. You could still use this miracle to cosplay a Protection Paladin from World of Warcraft though, as the spell is pretty similar to Avenger's Shield ability in the game.
Really? No one is going to say it? *sigh* Fine.... Destructo Disc!