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Buff the FUGS
Pretty much the best great bow in the game damage wise, and the weapon art just makes it more so as it adds utility and AoE capabilities. Also, requires no dexterity investment if you start as the knight class. And it's located right next to the milwood battle axe, yet another amazing pure strength weapon that requires no dex investment, and can be acquired rather early. After only 2 bosses.


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Three - Iudex Gundyr, Vordt of the Boreal Valley and Crystal Sage
is there anyone willing to trade one i dont currently have the dlc and would try and make it worth your while in souls or loot. message me on ps4 ID: cole1227
This bow is perfect for most situations. Trying to crack Nameless King's dragon buddy? Two hits needed. Want to interrupt an invader's parry-kill to your buddy? Timed WA. Want to mess with people because you can? Why not? Only issue is range, which you can fix with killing your Giant friend, but who the hell would do that?
Well , the Settlement Giant dies from natural causes if you pick all the white branches , the saint tree bellvine and the crown of dusk . So you dont have to kill him .
heres a idea: run around and grab the bow, run up the tower, use the WA to knock those archers off their precious tower, then have some fun just sitting there sniping while every one is helpless >:)
No suicide run needed. Just wore my trusty Havel shield and dragonslayer greataxe. Use the shield special to turn to stone and spam that axe weapon art.