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I summoned some lass for Slave Knight Gael fight, and she just used the Millwood GreatBow. I don't know how the hell she did it, but she didn't even move from him. She kept using the weapon art and stood still, but she didn't get hit once. Here I am getting shot by lightning bolts, and she's just knocking his health down while chilling.
Did you beat Gael in that fight?


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Should also be noted that since the Greatbows are only usable two-handed, the minimum Strength requirement is 19.
"A suicide run might be necessary here without a friendly phantom," Just use hidden body + lingering ring. You can go there without any trouble, except the big wolf which isn't fooled.
Or you can simply git gud :v
Clever use of spells and equips isn't gud? What planet are you from?
I mean you can also just kill all the enemies. It’s pretty difficult but not impossible by any means.
It's funny that the person writing this page doesn't want others editing things on here, and yet so many pages on this wiki are unfinished after years.
Boom footshot
as a man called saint_riot would put it; this weapon in invasions is the Park Ranger Landlord. Because it gets (bonfire) campers to move.
You sir have made my day
Ah, another fellow disciple of the arts of Obscuring Ring and V E R T I C A L I T Y
Saint_Riot is the best tbh
Why does range suck so much in ds3 not a single s scaling on any bow lol
Anyone got this bow theyre willing to drop dont hace aoa dlc yet :(
Find me AerysS#5558
Is that person recommending suicide run ever heard about hidden body spell and Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring. I walk through whole area pick up all items without a single aggro. Spell require 15 Int., ring is free.