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Gladiator cosplay, here I come~
I wear Creighton's mask, Alva chest piece, drakeblood gauntlets, and lothric knight leggings



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Aw man, can't wait for this weapon. So hyped to try this, the Onyx Blade, and the new rapier.
those are the exact weapons i wanna try out as well. Except now i also wanna try out the new scythe that was just announced and i also wanna try the raptor claws. Im gonna try the raptor claws on a buff and bleed build and see which does more damage.
The follower javelin is awesome too.
I wonder if this can guardbreak the Greatshield of Glory
Just tested a base lvl Valorheart on a +5 Greatshield of Glory. It took 2 of the roars to break


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The WA on this weapon is a little strange. You're always blocking while you're attacking, so beware. If you run out of stamina during the blocking animation of the WA, you will be guard broken when the animation ends. Spacing is key.
So there's a note that says this can be buffed, but I'm guessing it's only the sword part that can be buffed and not the shield part.


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Pretty sure that this is a transposable weapon. I mean, I don't think any enemy drops this sword and shield weapon, so logically... No buff.
It's a drop. Not a transposable weapon and yes it can be buffed
Nope it's a drop after you kill the boss, you don't get a soul when you kill the gravetender.
You say it can be buffed, but it certainly doesn't work with Carthusian flame arc
This is the weapon i am using now and it cannot be buffed by a spell or a resin
I've been waiting for a weapon like this since King's Field.
King's Field.... ***** it would be nice if From Software made other King's Field references aside from the likes of the Moonlight Sword, Seath, and Kalameet (more or less DS version of Guyra).
This + Followers Javelin = SPARTANS
A youtuber may yell "this is Sparta"!
No it really does not.



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Upgraded with titanite scales or no? Want to know so I can stock up, I want to get this to +5/+10 ASAP.
Twinkling is used to upgrade this.
Stats can be found here, along with the stats of all the other DLC weapons and spells: