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By Anonymous
If this is just a pyromancy version of crystal hail, I'm gonna flip a table
By Anonymous
This pyromancy is comparable to the demon cleric spell in smouldering lake.
By Anonymous
Oops. I just basically repeated the item description haha. :)
By Anonymous
Nah that's bursting fireball
By Anonymous
pretty cool
By Mondarok
If this spell work like the one of the Smoldering Ghru, how will ennemies react? Will they attack the floating chaos, or will they just ignore it?
Because if they can attack it, it means that this spell can be both a turret and a lure.. Which is pretty cool.
By Anonymous
This spell disappears far too quickly to be used as a lure. I was unable to target it in the fight against the invader, but perhaps enemies can target what players cannot? Regardless, it just doesn't last long enough to work as a lure; at least, not without the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2
By Anonymous
the damage output from this thing is probably gonna be horrible, as will be the lifespan duration.. but forcing an opponent to dodgeroll every couple of seconds is gonna be annoying as hell in PVP.
By Anonymous
Lingering dragoncrest ring helps with duration+ witches ring for damage output. Those two help it a lot.
By Anonymous
But sadly people will not even try to dodge this. Because apparently there is no tracking, so you can walk past it. I tried the spell on those follower hollows in the DLC and they just walked around it :D. Imagine what players can do. I think PvP players are more capable at moving than hollows. This is a nice gimmick at its best and a great way to waste one of your spell slots at its worst.
By Anonymous
Where can I find it
By Anonymous
You have to fight dunnel in the arena thing. You can find it along with parting pyromancy flame.
By Anonymous
Hes not in the arena
By Anonymous
the pyromancer never showed....i think its because i fought the wolf boss before i fought sister friede ?
By Anonymous
You need to be embered
By Anonymous
No bc i came here before and after I beat big wolf and little guy and still don't see the npc....maybe I'll try after sister? 2 things....I did the Lord of London ending and I killed Cornyn
By Anonymous
Woops he's right...forgot I lost ember from invasion..he's there now
By Anonymous
16/16 int and faith
By Anonymous
At 35/35 Int/Faith it attacks 3 times for around 49 damage per strike. Like any other spell it can be dodged, or blocked by the environment. Even with the ring that shortens casting time, it takes a good second to put it in the air.
Not as great as I hoped.