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don't all hexes also mess up your stamina if you get hit by them?
i'm softbanned so someone needs to test this
yeah, they drain your stamina by a varying degree if you get hit by any of them
So does heavy great soul arrow, I think.
Why were u softbanned?
r u hacker????????????????
Hes probably one of many innocent people that get softbanned from having played with a hacker.
I've noticed my resonant weapon uses refill sometimes, haven't verified with other hexes, anybody know why?
Most likely due to you either using red water items to heal, spell herbs or the Crown Of The Iron King which restores 20% of all your spells every 2 minutes or so.
Resonant, Greater Resonant, Climax
The icon is obviously a sperm and climax is well, CLIMAX.
It was intentional. Thank you, FromSoft.
Hex + Pyro = most fun ever!
I love Hex and pyromance cus they're **** OP!



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Most hexes with sacred chime kind of sucks...?
It’s because they nerfed them along with miracles
Use the black witch's staff
i like <3
there is a hex I have seen like a homing soul mass? what the heck is that?
are hexes still a viable route? i know anything is viable in dark souls just want to know if its powerful enough to even consider seeing as many people say that miracles and hexes got nerfed.
Hexes are Top tier, dark orb all the way
Everything is viable. Resonate Soul still deals massive single target damage. Miracles are still useful in this game too. In fact, as a hex invader, I highly recommend putting Great Heal in one of your slots.