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By Anonymous
How to beat the game with only Immolation:

1. Abuse glitches to skip 90% of the game
2. Use immolation to very painfully beat the remaining 10%
By Anonymous
I made a character with 99 vigor, life ring+3, and third dragon ring to get 2,600 hp. Combining a full northwarder set and a +2 lingering dragon ring makes it 72.5% longer for a duration of almost 52 seconds. Gotta say, it was lit.
By Anonymous
Was pretty useful on my SL1 Sinh
....In getting to RTSR range
I was getting one-shot anyway
By Anonymous
when Hidetaka Miyazaki try to create a spell on his own...
By Anonymous
Micheal Zakinthos wasn’t involved with ds2
By Anonymous
"If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
I desire to be set on fire.
By Anonymous
This is used only to look cool while you use the Smelter Demon armor.
By Anonymous
Ahh yes, let me burn myself for way more damage than it does to enemies.