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Thanks for this! Still missing the source consuming skills, like overpower for warfare, infectous flame for pyromancy, and so on.
Also missing the pyromancy summoning skill, forgot its name (I remember it summoned a flame ward instead of what it said it summoned though)
Where's electric fence?
Electric Fence was just another name for the Closed Circuit spell that was used earlier in development and they probably forgot to change all the instances of it.
I believe the scroll is still called Electric Fence - but yes the skill book is called Closed Circuit
Can we change Necromancer to blood mage or at least put in some actual necromancer abilities?
I was thinking vampirism works nicely as that skill line instead of necromancer.
We can see only first 6 skills of this class. I think you can learn how to revive or summon skeletons later.
Necromancy Tree has summons, the totems, the bone widow, the bloated corpse, and unless you want a literaly 20 skeletons like diablo then it's perfectly fitting in theme, Necromancy in the real world is only even described as the communication with the dead, and it has nothing to do with raising it, only through RPG games and a bit of fabrication was that ever invented as a theme in older games. Adding blood and plague magic is very fitting thematically to "death and disease". You're being a bit too picky about it, and if you go in the summon tree with it, you can have more summons as a Necro.
Time Warp should be under special shouldn't it? Its only available to custom characters
where are the summon abilitys for the necromancer? :'(
Totems of Necro. Bone Widow. Bloated Corpse. Can also spec into Totems/Incarnite in summoning and spawn them in blood.
please update skill level requirements for each spell please




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Working as fast as we can! It's on the list for today :D
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Why are there no some skills that were there before release like Summon Plant Monster?
Is this the one you're thinking of? https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Summon+Artillery+Plant
No it's not. There was another name and another icon. Maybe it's a source version of artillery plant.
Polymorph is the most useful amongst ALL classes and playstyles. Just Spread Your Wings and Apotheosis makes this skilltree the strongest. Sly is crazy mobility and ignore Attacks of opportuniy and Apotheosis makes source powers cost nothing but AP. Seems to me the most broken skill tree.


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Apotheosis is worthless on its own, requires a source pool of 3 before it's even usable, and a 3-point investment in a mostly utility tree (that said, it's some damn good utility). I'll agree that basically everyone can benefit from 1 or 2 points in polymorph, but the same can be said for warfare.
Well sure Apoth is worthless on it's own, but on my current build it's a pretty overpowered clutch button for things with low AP cost and high SP cost. I can cast like 6-8 spells and heal/buff for a ton sometimes.... The tree itself gives CC, Mobility, Utility and free Attribute Points. Definitely very powerful, would suggest on pretty much any build just for Skin Graft alone...
Yes but I finished the game in tactical without using sources skills, just using basic skill because I hate playing op