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By Anonymous
Allows apparently to get the use of one skill coming from the people you eat flesh
By Anonymous
Eating Magisters Head will give Spread your Wings
By Anonymous
Purity of Mind: Southeast of the Hollow Marshes - Bridge waypoint is a chest surrounded by noxious bulbs and two talking, impaled heads. In the chest is a severed head, and eating it will give you the skill.
By Anonymous
I got Corrosive Touch from eating a body part from somewhere, I think it was from a pile of them in the cave of the Sallow Man. By that point I just stockpiled them and ate them in batches. To my knowledge the Corrosive Touch skill isn't obtainable normally as the skill crafting for it is broken.
By Anonymous
I crafted it just fine
By Anonymous
In Ryker's dungeon, Fire Whip from a disembodied leg under a table on the north side of the room among lots of rotten parts.
By Anonymous
Backlash: Reaper's Coast (441, 24) is a severed head, eating it gives the skill.
By Anonymous
So what I have noticed is yes, there are some parts that give pre-determined skills. As for the rest, it seems they have a *chance* to give a whole host of skills. I realized this when I did the following:
1. Save
2. Eat 5 body parts - acquire a huntsman ability
3. Load
4. Eat the 5 body parts again - acquire no abilities
5. Load
6. Eat the 5 body parts again - acquire warfare ability
By Anonymous
I've had a look at the script which handles that, and what actually happens is the following:
Some body parts have skills assigned to them, and IF the body part is supposed to give a skill, AND you already have it, there's a 20% chance of getting you one you do not yet have.
It doesn't however choose among all possible skills. I haven't cross-checked the whole list but it seemed to only choose among low rank skills (level 1, maybe also 2).
By Anonymous
I haven't seen anyone post this find before. I'll post it here, just found it now. Poison Wave can be found at X: 622. Y: 175. It's from a hidden diggable grave. Probably requires X lvl's of wits to spot. There's a Lizard corpse buried in the human section of the graveyard, atleast that¨s what The Red prince says when you find it. This is all on Act 2 by the way. - Cryptical Void
By Anonymous
sounds like you ate one of the quest items.
By Anonymous
cool tip, if you are playing as fane you start with the item that lets you change your race, you can change your race to elf and eat Finn's body part at the begging of the game.