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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

If you cast Bless on her and cure her plague, she will attack you.
Same with Artic Armor
how do you get the option to buy stuff from her? she never wants to sell me anything. I usually just kill her for loot and the leather pants behind her because she never wants to sell to me wtf
Dude, there's a hand icon at the upper left of the dialogue box, clicking that will see her wares.
Look at the upper left there is a little symbol and you can trade with her.

If you use fist aid and heal her disease she will not acknowledge it
I did, and she attacked me.
fist aid
She only ever sells one skillbooks to me, the blood sucker one.
That sucks :D:D:D
You can also cast Fortify on her to cure her Plague and she won't acknowledge that it's gone.
Can Confirm that this is not the case anymore
Waiting for a way to actually cure her or help her out tbh... Tried rejuv but did nothing obviously, and as others here have mentioned she attacks if u do the other spells... Thinking if there's anything later into the game to cure her
It's pretty clear there's no way to "actually" help her out. Since she complains that "I could almost see her again. You ruined it. You ruined it..." So she obviously wanted to die. Any way you cure her (should) just piss her off.
You can help her by killing her.
I just killed her to get all her stuff. Maybe not the best idea. But screw it give her the release.
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she is just unlucky