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Where does she go when you dismiss her?
She might be at the Seeker camp
Before you leave Fort Joy: Near Stingtale, regardless of how you left her quest line.
After leaving Fort Joy: Seeker camp on top of the platform.
Lady Vengeance: if you had her in your party she can be found on the lady vengeance, otherwise she died.
Despite reducing your constitution, if managed proper, Sebille as your starting out character can do perfectly well as knight or fighter.
Especially the former, given its easy access to rage, which combined with flesh sacrifice and the Warlord talent, can easily one to twoshot any enemy you come across in the early game with a twohander or dual wield and let you score additional blows to perhaps further the streak. Do not underrestimate those 25% bonus dmg on a twohanded axe.
Also, don't forget corpse eater, which can land you several useful abilities, such as one of the fighter's abilities, almost straight out of character creation!
Her portrait is not the same as the model that she uses if she is not customized as an origin. Her incorrect settings are Samoa Silk skin, Head 7, Hair 7, and the Bear hair color.
Just going to say that, Sebille makes an excellent Hydro-Necro-Pyro-Geo-Conjurer. Had her in my party and she was the strongest hands down. She was usually up front and Flesh Sacrifice never hindered her.
Stupid that you can't advance her quest without Griff, even when meeting Zaleskar.

It's not my fault that he attacked me.
Talking to or Killing Zaleskar also does not advance the quest.

While trying to free the elf, when you talk to Stingtail about the goods, it doesn't trigger the dialogue for Sebille. Following "The Imprisoned Elf" quest line, you simply get to kill the cook without progressing in Sebille's quest. Anyone found a fix?
if you kill stingtale and find that you need to talk to griff, even if you kill him you can advance the story by eating griffs hand that will drop from him. But you MUST deal with stingtale first. Zaleskar should drop his heart and eating it should advance the quest no matter what.
I've been playing as Sebille for about 8 hours now, didn't class her as a Rogue, so I went Shadow Blade, and it's worked really well so far.
She doesn't die nearly as easily as you'd think when fighting on the front lines, though it helps to have a ring with Restoration.

As a side-note on Stingtail, you can leave it alive if you're playing Sebille yourself.
The quest advances as expected, you just threaten to kill him, a lot, though you get like 3-4 opportunities to actually end his life.
Can you make her a ranger if you take her as a companion (and not as a starting character)?
Yes, you can develop any character in any role you want
You can make any character anything you want
On tip and note 1, I've used Sebille as a dual-wielding rogue to beat the entire game, with a lot of flesh sacrifice usage, and the -1 constitution wasn't a major issue, outside of cases where the enemy can do a ridiculously large amount of damage (which are so few and far between, they're barely worth thinking about) despite the fact that I never increased my constitution. Sure you lose some maximum health (and some health with it, if you're above the limit -1 would give you) but generally, it's not problematic, since by the time it has a really noticeable effect on your health, you'll be in the mid-hundreds of HP at least..
TD;LR: -1 Constituion from Flesh Sacrifice is nothing.


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As you level it will lower your constitution by greater amounts, just how encourage increases by greater amounts as you level.