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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

|Strenght determines your Accuracy with strenght-based weapons, improves |Warfare| skills, decreases movement penalty from heavy equipment|
|1 point = +12% damage bonus and 20% heavy armor movement penalty ignored|

|Finesse determines your chance to hit with finesse-based weapons, improves |Hunting| and |Rogue| skills and increases your Dodge chance|
|1 point = +12% damage bonus and 4% Dodge bonus|

|Intelligence determines your Accuracy with intelligence-based weapons, improves Elemental, Necromency and Summoning spells|
|1 point = +12% damage bonus|

|Constitution determines how much Vitality you have|
|1 point = +5 Vitality|

|Memmory affects number of skills you can use at the same time|
|3 points = 1 memory Slot|

|Wits affects your Critical chance, Initiative, Magic Armor, your ability to detect traps and find hidden treasures|
|1 point = 3.0% Critical chance +2 initiative|
Lone wolf no longer allow to put additional point, cap is 40 for all (need to be confirmed by another player), you still double your invested point.
They tried to limit it to 40 point with lone wolf as well, however there is a glitch. If you remove Lone wolf (Magic mirror) place all yours points in an attribute, then get Lone wolf again, the limit goes back to 70.
Basically, get Lone Wolf when your attribute is maxed to double it, past the limit.
what do the damage ranges mean? Like if a weapon's damage is 25-29 and another is 23-31 which one is better? What determines when the lower or higher number is used?
Simply put the range is the smallest amount of damage and the highest amount of damage you can do with the attack. A "dice roll" or random number generator will determine your damage. So, if the enemy had 26 health, you would have an 80% chance to kill him going by your first example, and a 66% chance to kill him using your second.
in your case the 25-29 is better because you prefer low but certified damage than a better max damage (29<31) but which will happen 15-20% of your hits
how do I know what a (Strength/Intelligence )"finesse-based weapons" is? I assume crossbows count (as finesse) but can't find any way to back this up.
Wands and Staves are Intelligence-based, Daggers/Bows/Crossbows are Finesse, Swords/Maces/Axes/Two-handed Swords/Maces/Axes are governed by strength.
Just check what's the required attribute of that weapon, it's same as which it is based.
Wand / Staff - Inteligence
Spear / Dagger / Bow / Crossbow - Finesse
2-handed weapons, 1-handed swords, axes, maces - Strenght
Dont you get 2 not 1 points each level up??
you get 2 point per level up with normal character, with lone wolf each count as 2 point for a total of +4 attribute per level up
Is there any point in going higher than 100% accuracy? I know in some games going higher than 100% accuracy will translate into higher crit chance.
I had a toon with heavy single-handed investment, and I only saw a point in 135% accuracy when he would be blinded. So I thought that was neat


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I may be mistaken, but I was under the impression that overcap accuracy would work to negate enemy dodge chance.
Yeah, with the talent Hothead i have 105% accuracy and i can counter dodge (a little bit).
i had a toon with 205% accuracy 1 dagger ( single handed) 1 shield pretty much block every attack :O :)))
what I really dislike about this is that you only get 2 points to spend when you level up. This means it is not viable to go for Warfare/Scoundrel because warfare depends on strength while scoundrel depends on finesse. If you spend your attribute points on those two to maximize damage, then you will lack constitution. Another disappointing fact is that finesse cannot combo with ranged or metamorph either because of weapon differences. Neither will going strength/intelligence because you will lack health. The only way is to go for a mix where comboing works, such as warfare/polymorph, ranged/warfare, etc..
Skills are based off what weapon you have equiped. So you can go into Warfare and still put points into finese and use daggers for Scoundrel without losing anything.
To put what the other anon said clearly, Warfare skills will key off of finesse if you're using a finesse weapon (like Daggers).
Combo your skills/attributes may not be as weak as you think, it's about how to pick your skills and how you organize whole team together.
Here is the formula for calculating damage:

Base Damage + Combat Abilities:Skills Bonus% = Abilities Damage

Abilities Damage+(Abilities Damage*(1*Attribute Bonus%))+(Abilities Damage*(1*Combat Abilities:Weapon Bonus%+Misc Bonus%)) = Total damage

Damage from weapon:201
from warframe:+55%
from single-handed:+50%
from finesse:+240%
from thick of the fight:+40%

Abilities Damage = 201 + 55% = 311.55

Total Damage = 311.55 + (311.55 * (1 * 240%)) + (311.55 * (1 * 50% + 40%))
= 311.55 + (311.55 * 2.4) + (311.55 * 0.9)
= 311.55 + 747.72 + 280.395
= 1339.665

If High Ground and Crit:

Total Damage * (1+High Ground Bonus%) * (1*Crit Bonus%)

It would have been much simpler and balanced that the percentages were addictive because there the bonus Combat Abilities: Weapon and spells become very low as the game progresses.