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Which are the mp controls? Are they different from the SP game?
Yeah, they are basically the same, with a few exceptions: L1: quick use health potion, L2 + (triangle, square, circle or R1): potions menu (not the techniques menu #2 as in SP). Also the up, down, left & right buttons are for messages and orders to the other players and not for changing characters as in SP.
Hi, I think its great that new characters will be released. would it be possible to make mabari a playable class, and shale. those would be awesome classes to be made available. keep up the great work team!
in multiplayer, how do I make purple items in armor creation. the ones I did were all done and there were no more left and I didn't get any purple armor..
All Have Purple!
u can unlock purple armour only for necromancer and katari