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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

In defensive attributes section in Ranged defense you accidentally wrote : Reduces final damage taken from MELEE attacks by 1%. Just pointing it out so you can correct it :)
Is there a stat that adds max mana/stam?
Ok so the BDB bug is not a bug. Apparently when a Mage is u equipped with weapon, a default weapon is equipped that has a BDB modifier of +11. You won't see the weapon in inventory or equipped but it's there in the event you enter battle (players cannot use fists when in battle mode). So when I equipped my Mage with a staff that has +6 magic, the BDB stat dropped thus I assumed a bug.
(guest) Jun 1, 2015 Your ability's go off the Weapon damage not the DPS. DPS is the Damage per second (DMG / Weapon Speed)
You can have a fast weapon lets say has "damage of 50" and a "DPS of 200" swings 4 times per sec
and you can have a Slow weapon that has "damage of 100" and a "DPS of 200" swings 2 time per sec "Same DPS"
But your Slow weapon will lot harder with Abilities
4 swings per sec at 50 = DPS 200 use your x1600% damage Ability = 800 damage
2 swings per sec at 100 = DPS 200 use your x1600% damage Ability = 1,600 damage
No, no stats add mana/stamina. There is amulets that add stamina directly, and Lyrium potions that add mana temporarily. That it.
I noticed that barrier damage decreases when equipped with a staff that has a positive magic modifier or upgrade. It should be the other way around! Has anyone else seen this effect and is it a bug?
What about sunder on hit/when being hit??
So does crit rate effect magic abilitys like a arcane worriers blade ability.? Also how much damage would a 200 dps bow hit with 1600% weapon damage ability plus a 100% critical hit rate and the crit bonus was 150% (thats only counting items not base)
how does a character's attributes go up ??
Gear with those attributes.
Their attributes will increase based both on the gear (weapons, armor, accessories, etc) you equip them with and the skills they take; certain skills will list in their description a flat boost to a specific attribute when unlocked, normally the attribute that makes the most sense with said ability.
What's the typical armor rating of enemies on nightmare? Based on the formula for damage, it seems if WeaponDmg * (1 + CritDmg%) * (1 + FlankDmg%) > 2*Armor then 1% Attack > 2% AP, otherwise 1% Attack < 2% AP.
1. Attack % modifies attack speed, not damage. You can use your attack speed to the fullest by pressing "Shift" (sprint) just after your damage hits.

2. Healing Bonus % isn't worthless. You get a higher % per crafting material used than % Heal on Kill, so if you already reliably have % Heal on Kill, this can buff it significantly.
Can Bleed Damage Crit?
So Attack is better than Critical?
The game file says, "
function compiledlua_1836e684_fd34_0730_425b_a333b037248a( SourceCharacter,StatClass,StatStrength,StatDexterity,StatMagic,StatWillPower )
--function ( arg1, arg2, arg3) <<- Inserted by the Pipeline
-- Attack:
-- 1. Increases damage (percentage bonus)
-- 2. Determines chance to hit targets behind cover with ranged attacks
-- Attack is derived from:
-- STR - warriors only, each point of strength (beyond 10) increases Attack by 1
-- DEX - rogues only
-- MAG - mages only
-- Willpower - all classes"