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im level 22, Xbox 360, not completed the game yet. There isn't a level cap, but you'll not gain experience from fights if you're over 5 levels stronger than the enemy



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You can easily hit edit and fix whatever is wrong without even needing to log in. There's no need to insult people at random, that says more about yourself than anyone else.
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Lol!!! She told you homes
This wiki is DISGUSTING, i don't know where these guys get their info from but the level cap(at least for single player) is definitely not 20. don't believe me?i can send screenshots of my characters who are well above level 20 and all done with normal game play, also the last boss is level 23 so what does that tell you?it tells me that the people who maintain and compile the info on this site are useless piece of sh*ts who quite literally do zero research