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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Looks like someone has removed some of the entries from this. Seems like some info has recently disappeared from this page. Is anyone able to restore it?
Ahhh, so I see. This doesn't see to include the DLC content however.
Nothing was removed, just cleaned up...
Sorry I forgot I did remove a couple inconsistencies like the listing of a couple companion quests in other zones (Cassandra, Leliana, Sera, etc.) and some of operation unlock temples. The problem was that i found the information provided here so incomplete it was confusing. Cassandra quest zone was listed, but not Leliana's, for example. There is also very little information out there on recommend levels and monster levels for these zones too. Being that these zones may be complete as soon as they appear (especially if you playing using this route), I would not add them back in until we have complete information for all of them, including ones like Sera to avoid confusion.

Bottomline: this provides a clean and consistent roadmap to the end of the game. I made everything refer to location rather than quest name to make it consistent.
N. Hc
Moved Emerald Graves after Winter Palace because a few quests and operations require the main quest to advance to this point before triggering.



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there's no info?
Restored revision
Where do the DLCs play in this order
what quests get removed as you progress?