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Wyverns are weak to cold, not electricity. They are Strongly Resistant to electricity.
Envy Demon is a boss not a mob, not to mention all you really need to do is survive mobs, the boss itself is kind of a wimp, so just tank'n'flank even on nightmare. If you're going for a solo nightmare however...well, then your point is valid.



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Mhm we must have gotten this wrong yet - please feel free to hit edit and fix any issues you find :)
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I don't see the Envy Demon on here :(
Yeah, Envy is only encountered once, so its more of a boss then a regular foe. Bosses should include all the named foes and single encounter foes. I think you should also list which areas have these enemies in if you can. Also some enemies are only encountered via fade rifts and such.