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"Mom can we have Elden Ring?"
"We have Elden Ring at home honey"

Elden Ring at home :
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Dark Souls 1 was first u moron
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Ooooh this guy said you're a moron.
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Haligtree at home.
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Just finished farming the lizards and I counted 10 of them instead of 9 like said in the article
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Died tons of times just to get those crystal lizards, worth it
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The worst boss fight in dark souls; Fall Damage
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This place, for lore wise, could have been more interesting.

"Once these archtrees were the roots of souls. Every living thing that has a soul thrived from these archtrees. There were colonies of archtrees and from there, more foreigners poured into Lordran. Even when war ended, the people of Mad Hollows stayed there, isolated themselves from outside... But eventually Witch of Izalith found the third flame, a new flame to be tamed... A flame glew more and more with the dark spirit... Her daughters started to kill innocent folk of this archtree. Some had has escaped before the massacre, to Tundrty...another archtree notorious for their heretical weapons...weapons made out of an occult core was reinforced with dragonflame. Dragonflame has been brought to Tundrty via smithers of Mad Hollow. They were the tamers of the dragonflame. The people of Great Hollow were the barrier between everlasting dragons and Lordran. Thus learning how to control the fires were our primary task.Anyways, the ones who could not escape met a terrible fate... For their souls, they were killed... Some has accepted their fate and become one with flame of Chaos... Have you seen these Cragspiders? Look carefully when you kill one! Their head, their legs and arms... It's like they were once a human... But some didn't accept their fate and hided... But to their suprise the Hollow was no longer what it once used to be... It was no longer the place they called home...even the archtree become a husk itself. The ones who hided met a worse fate... Instead of a quick death they have gone mad... Because of immense inactivity of this place. Some can be still seen within the Hollow but the only real residents that are left is some mushroom people and cursed frogs...The knights of this place were the strongest foe against both dragons and Lords... They could have not let us live peacefully since we were a threat... Now, Curmonte, the Mad Hollow, is nothing but a forgotten place... Weapons of this land was made with pure humanity... Like occult weapons it had a dark aura...but its darkness grew brighter with humanity. The knights of this land had at least one Hollowed Feather in their armour to stop taking damage from gravity... These feathers were also bestowed upon the Lord Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. Young Undead, thy destiny shall be forged whence thou met the everlasting dragons down in the Everlasting Lake...take our message...and lend it to them... before we gone completely mad..."

I know, most of the things I talked about actually wasn't even mentioned in the game. But think about it, wouldn't it be so cool if it had a lore like this? Ash lake and Great Hollow are the most overlooked places, maybe Miyazaki made this place to mess with players or it was rushed.
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Dumbest bloody thing I've ever read
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It's places like this that make it clear to me how annoying gravity can be.