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By Anonymous
he also sells rings
By Anonymous
What kind of rings?
By Anonymous
By Black_Iron_Bob
What gesture does he teach you? I've never had him as a merchant and I saw in someone's playthrough that in Firelink there's an option to learn a gesture that shows up when you talk to him.
By Anonymous
You can learn prostration from him when he's at fire link shrime
By Anonymous
Killed that Jackass after he kicked me down, now I regret IT.....
By Anonymous
Your are not alone man :(
By Anonymous
did that too lol
By Anonymous
corrupted by hatred
By Anonymous
What happens if you just immediately kill him, without speaking to him. What happens to Reah and company?
By Anonymous
I triggered the lever in the catacombs twice then went across the bridge but he didn't trigger the lever but he still did his dialogue as if he triggered the lever LOL
By Anonymous
Literally just didn't spawn for me in DSR :/
By Anonymous
Really, or did he just not spawn at the bridge because Reah and her party went down before you, like the wiki said?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
After Patches relocated to the Firelink Shrine, I used the Dark Hand on him (for his last remaining humanity. I took 6 humanity from him in the Tomb Of The Giants), he then became hostile and now, won't sell me anything. Can I be absolved and proceed to buy from him again?
By Anonymous
Any npc you aggro can be made peaceful by absorbing your sins at the pardoner for souls but the price is high though I recommend it as he does sell some useful items
By Hangman2411
he is amazing to have at firelink for the prism stone frampt farming method
By Anonymous
If it is the same patches, how old is he?
By Anonymous
Undead can live as long as their purpose holds strong. If they lose their purpose, they hollow. His purpose is to trick and thiev. LOL
By Anonymous
No I would say his purpose it to punish others for their greed, and there will always be plenty of that
By Anonymous
His purpose is getting phat loot stacks and that will be forever
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