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By Anonymous
Would have been cool if the 2-handed parry button set the blade aflame/extinguished it, kinda like how the Possessed Armor Sword, Defender’s GS, and Watcher’s GS worked in DS2
By Anonymous
This weapon's kind of interesting imho because just about any build can use it when you get to forge it.

Even an Int build can easily reach 20 strengh and 10 Dex.
And while the bad scalling may be a turn off for some, it also means that anyone that managed to beat the game can use this Sword and get solid results.
It's got a little something for everyone.
By Anonymous
except that i won't get it because i want sunlight spear lol
By Anonymous
It is a better Black knight sword, what do you want more
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
All I want is some flames on the sword man, and maybe a unique moveset like Gwyn's, that's all I wanted for this weapon.
By Anonymous
its technically a better black knight greatsword, it has over 100 more dmg than the normal one, so its prob better to compare it to the better black knight sword.
By Anonymous
almost 400 base dmg, better than the split fire dmg you cretins are begging for
By Anonymous
It could still be puré physical but get a flame weapon scaling with faith and the fiery fire appearance when Two handed
By Anonymous
To 15 jul anon, both fire and chaos damage in ds1 do not scale with faith lol
By Anonymous
from kinda let us down on the remaster but then again.. why would they change anything. it's a remaster not a remake .
By Anonymous
Honestly I don’t know what you’re talking about, this is a great weapon, and thank God it doesn’t have split fire damage, yeah the r2 isn’t as good as the claymore, but most of the time, you’ll be using r1 anyways, 20/14 str and 10 dex are a great benchpoint, not forcing you to a quality path like other greatswords, you can invest in health, endurance so that you can finally fast roll with a good armor, intelligence and faith, hell even pyromancy likes the attunement slots, and if you’re so obsessed with numbers going up, have no fear, at 40/40 you still get more atk than a claymore anyway. FromSoftware isn’t able to balance special weapons unfortunately, but you can see that at least they tried with this one, other special weapons are downright outclassed by more easy to upgrade weapons and have laughable requirements (dss, smough’s hammer, grant, Gwyndolin’s stuff, all dragon weapons) get to have pathetic damage once you get to a certain point (moonlight spear, quelag furysword, hell I would add the moonlight greatsword itself, you have no idea how many magic resistant enemies are here, unlike demon’s souls) or have such obtuse requirements that screw over your build (artorias and all his greatswords), this weapons allows you to take liberties into building your character into whatever you want it to be, and if you still decide to get str/dex later on, it doesn’t fall as hard as a black knight sword does, on the contrary, 537 at 40/40.
By Anonymous
Okay Retodd
By Anonymous
You make this with the soul of Gwyn himself, if even without all his power he can ignite his sword, why cant his soul? This shouldve been a str/fth phys/fire weapon, nothing will convince me otherwise. This is such a letdown of a weapon. Sunlight spear clears unfortunately. Praise the Sun!
By Anonymous
Would you like some crackers with your whine?
By Anonymous
You should have been aborted but here we are SMH
By Anonymous
All they needed was to have it wreathed in flames, deal fire damage and have a unique moveset similar to how Gwyn swings it, like come the hell on Fromsoft, would it have killed them to actually at least TRY and make the final boss soul's weapon actually cool and unique?
By Anonymous
Exactly...was expecting the same cool looking badass weapon he wields but oh no this is such a letdown...
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