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i made the mistake of playing DkSls 2 and 3 before trying dark souls and the differences are enormous at first i had gotten so coddled using the embers that humanity seemed so vague and useless unless i had already found the boss area, by understanding the stat increase ill be able to adjust accordingly
Ive been stuck in Anor Londo for awhile now cause i cant beat Ornstien and smough without solaire. so its good to know i can get what i need being humanity from kill guards and silver knights over and over.

Although I know most of this information, I just wanna say this wiki is very informative and reliable.
I would like to know if summoned allies's humanity count towards the item drop chances of the host.



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NO! :|
oh wow i’m **** dumb
lol somone must agree the liked your comment!
I'm getting no humanity from either of the minor demons in the demon ruins. I'm at soul level 50+, and trying to kill everyone's favorite duo of doom ornstien and smough. I tried with and without the serpent ring, still nothing. Is it misinformation? or is there something I need to do first? The rats seem to work though, I'm always getting humanitys from the rats.
Wait a *****ing second. You are in the Demon Ruins WITHOUT the Lordvessel?? You’ve gotta get outta there and just farm the rats, kid
Hmmm... I'm not familiar with minor demons dropping humanity in the Demon Ruins. It's probably much easier to farm humanity from the sewer rats in the depths. There's a bonfire up the stairs from the Blighttown entrance. If you start at the bonfire and run down to where the sewer rats are, you can kill about 7 of them and run back to the bonfire within around a minute. It may take a while with low item discovery, but it can definitely be done. I had an item discovery of around 250-300, and would get maybe 1 humanity every 10 minutes or so. Good luck!
Ok there is something not clear for me. Humanity work only when you are human form or holding is enough for all this effects
Holding it will scale it with stats. You don’t need to be human
And the in game description and lore is where...?


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steal my humanity umpf
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