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By Anonymous
The scaling seems incredible if you have those stats pretty high. Would that not give it higher damage than most other weapons?
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The requirements are a little funky persay.
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i agree, having such high requirements for four different stats leaves you so weak, either by not getting any hp or endurance or never go beyond the requirements
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I've ran this build. Being just at base stats does enough damage to be viable just because the scaling is that good.
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pero escala con ellos de un buen modo
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in the long term is it better to use the cursed or uncured version? in a long running kind of mind frame. which has the best utility overall?
By Anonymous
The uncursed one has better stats, the cursed one can hit the ghosts in new londo. Still, the first one works as a divine weapon, so it's perfect for the catacombs and the tomb of giants.
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By Whisky
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cursed, because **** ghosts
By Anonymous
I'm about to craft an uncursed version since you can just use transient curses for ghosts, plus it seems like it does more damage.
By Anonymous
Although it may seem to have AR comparable to that of some UGS's, the split damage means that it is actually slightly weaker than the uncursed ( which is pure phys damage) version (in PvP) at least) as anything with decent phys and mgc defense will lower the damage considerably, and as both damage types will already be lower than other GS's, it will usually come off with less damage per swing. Nice looks though.
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This is the non cursed version however I do agree as the cursed version only goes through one reduction against players
By Anonymous
Any one else notice that this sword has a strange animation when you parry and riposte a dark spirit?
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So there seem to be some mixed feelings about this weapon. Allow someone who mains this weapon to shed some light on the subject.

So the (Cursed) version does do more RAW Damage, which is only subject to one type of resistance. So yes for PvP the (Cursed) version is superior.

The above version is a fantastic PvE weapon. What this wiki doesn't tell you is that this sword does extra damage to Darkwraiths and the Four Kings. These are some of the highest magic resistant enemies in the game. (It also does extra damage to NPCs and maybe even PC who are part of the Darkwraith covenant.) Speaking from experience the swords extra damage more than off sets the resistance these foes have.

Also you can off set any Vitality or Endurance neglect by killing Lordric anytime before he kills the fire keeper. I normally do it after the Bell Gargoyles boss.

The Ring of Favor and Protection he drops comes in handy when you need more HP and Stamina than your build allows.
By Anonymous
So what kind of build would you recommend then? Is there a way to use this weapon and still be able to find a decent number of players to assist/invade?
By Anonymous
But Lothric cant walk
By Anonymous
Anyone else notice you get more souls per kill only with the two handed R2 of this weapon? Or is that all special weapons
By Anonymous
you get more souls if you "overkill" the enemy. so if your killing blow far exceeds the enemies remaining health you'll get bonus souls.
By Anonymous
in Dark souls I, if you overkill an opponent by their hp plus a certain margin you get bonus souls. i think you need to do a single hit damage of the enemy hp value + 20%, but I have never tried to specifically measure it. The 2h power attack on any weapon does the most damage, and likely is enough to overkill the enemies you are fighting.
By Cowardly_Nick
this has nothing to do with the greatsword of artorias. nice work.
By Anonymous
They were trying to reply to someone else's query but obviously made a mistake.
By Anonymous
holy aug, pretty huge damage (PvE anyaway) quite a nice moveset and long reach... only flaw i can see is the HEAVY stat investment this thing calls for... the cursed version is better for PvP but this is the better version in general... (unless you're going AotA where you get the REAL sword of Arty)
By Anonymous
The Abyss Greatsword is not the "real" sword of Artorias...ALL of them are. They're the same sword. The difference is one is not messed with, one's altered by the abyss, and one's cursed.
By Anonymous
The Abyss Greatsword has really low damage tho
By Anonymous
Noteworthy journey into the narrow world of semantics