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i use this catalyst every time i get it when im doing a mage play-through, i didn't know this was one of the most powerful weapons in the game though :3
I use it on my greatsword tank so I can pull ******* soul arrows out while the enemy is trying to retreat for healing
"greatsword tank" I don't think you use this on a greatsword tank build, since this catalyst needs 32 intelligence.
99 INT + 30% Health + Red Tearstone Ring + Crystal Soul Spear + Tin Crystallization Catalyst = death
For anyone wondering the number of castings is rounded down
What? No plug about the theory of Seath, Gwyndolin and Griffith from Berserk added to this page?


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All that nonsense makes me sick to see everywhere in here. A shame there’s virtually no other decent resource for Dark Souls.
Should be noted that you can hold this catalyst in your off hand while another as your main staff. It will halve your spells when holding it but once you switch it returns to the regular amount of casts. Meaning if you need a boost bring it up and then put it back. Also note that it will cost 2 spell uses for each casts using the Tin crystallization staff.
This things 2.5 units heavy, not 1.
Amazing what the effects crystals have on people in different universes. In the dark souls universe, crystal sorceries turns you into a mad nudist who breaths crystal dragon breath all over the place! In our universe, crystal meth turns you into a tweaking zombie and possibly a screaming nudist also. :P
Theres a lot of "new age " hippies that go mad and use crystals for "power" too dont forget ;)
Perfect analogy.
Who needs swords when you have the Dark Bead crystal catalyst meta? Easy wins, no challenge... could use anything else but that would require effort and skill... but hey, don't care, I may be bored of winning this way, but I need to win THAT badly XD Sorry for the massively clear amount of sarcasm... I hate this thing with a fervent passion.
Majority of players actually knows hot to dodge dark bead, that way "swords" are still useful "XD"
Donno how to roll? try great magic barrier
GIT gud
Man idc if people like using OP meta builds against other OP meta builds, but why the hell do these people invade at SL 25 at Gargoyles? Like what exactly do they get out of one shotting level 25 newbies? I've legit seen several people doing this with dark bead, and this catalyst, at Gargoyles against dudes with starting gear.

I just wish these goons would stick to actual pvp areas. So many of them prefer to hunt down people who obviously aren't going to put up a fight. I'd much rather lose fights against roleplaying invaders than win against some dude running around with ugly *** armor and his "perfect" min max pvp build that he looked up online. The roleplaying characters I engage with and duel. That's actually fun and fitting for the game.

The goons I just TWOP and WOG or hornet ring parry or just darksign out.
can that catalyst break through acid surge or similar attacks from enemies? and if so can i repair it?
Highly doubt that you will read this, but for people who come after you: when a piece of equipment is broken you can still use and repair it, it just has very bad stats until you fix it. Not even Dark Souls is evil enough to make equipment go away forever.
he is asking if can be repaired because is tecnicly a crystal weapon


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You CAN repair this catalyst. Despite having crystal in the name, it is treated like any other piece of equipment.
Me and logan both killed each other with 1 crystal soul spear. I lost the drops from him. :(
Go to the chest that is behind Frampt, at the firelink shrine