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The first time Pharis walked off the cliff and I didn't get the bow. After leaving the covenant, rejoining, attacking members and getting absolved by Oswald then rejoining again there was a gold soul on the ground where Pharis usually stands. I got the bow, her hat, and twin humanity. Not sure of you have to do all that; maybe leaving and rejoining is enough to reset her.
You just have to exit and reload the zone for it to appear, don't you?
Exiting and reloading the game will make npc drops appear at the point from which they fell, much like the player's recovery stain
(Not so) Pro tip: I accidentally joined the Forest Hunter covenant before killing Pharis, ignoring that then she'd become friendly. Attacking her in that situation would betray the covenant and cause me some headaches fixing that. Kicks (movement forward + normal attack with most weapons) don't turn NPC hostiles. So I kicked her once and again until I threw her off a cliff. Reloaded the game, and the loot was where she was standing. No hostility, no covenant betrayal, all profit! - This was done in DS Remastered Edition -
You could also have joined a different covenant making them hostile again. But your way sounds more fun. *thumbs up*
What I did was that I just attracted some enemy tree people and lured them over to her. I got behind her so that the tree people would hit her, trying to hit me. They kill her while I take little to no damage because I was just blocking.