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Why is the crown removed from this page?
Where is the Crown?



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does it have any effect on healing or defensive magic?
Wearing the crown gives a small souls increase when killing with spells. Tested with/without crown and spells/melee kills.
are you sure you're not just getting the overkill bonus?
So I apparently her summon sign is gone if you obtain the Broken Pendant before freeing her, so I can't summon her to talk to her (or buy stuff) and now I can't get the Crown...? God this game pisses me off sometimes with its over-complicated and cryptic conditions that need to be met to obtain stuff, or you completely lose the ability to get it. Can I still get the crown if I defeat Manus then talk to her? I really want that crown for my pyromancy build when I do shard runs.
Elizabeth Sells Her stuff in oolacile sanctuary. The crown Is located where you free dusk from the golem
You can’t even get the pendant before saving her what are you talking about
Hey guys
Right After I summoned dusk a golem killed her -.- couldnt even Talk to her...
Her armor Set now isnt there. Is it lost forever?
I had the same thing happen and had to re-roll.
Next ng i'd say
pressisa da dlc
não precisa
Pyromancer here, no dmg boost for my pyromancy somehow...
cause pyromancy isnt magic.. its pyromancy..
It boosts pyromancies. I JUST tested this with my pyro using Fireball and Combustion. Definitely saw a noticeable difference when using and not using the crown, about 15%. This is on the "Prepare To Die" edition for PC.
Do you need the DLC to get the crown of dusk?
no you do not, you just need to rescue dusk from golden golem at darkroot forest past the hydra miniboss