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By Anonymous
is there any bonfire in this world to teleport to other bonfires?
By Anonymous
jump attack = Left stick Forward and heavy attack at the same time.
By Anonymous
Truly, the best spot to grind in the game, with high soul drops, tons of corpses with useful items, lots of humanity, and titanite. Lot's of story in this place as well, and, just beutiful level and great enemy design! Plus, if you have good equipment (For me, a +10 lightning spear, Painted gaurdian armor, +6 Fire grass crest sheild (Can someone please explain to me what a fire sheild does? I am slightly confused by it.), Wolf ring, and Iron defense ring (a total of 16.1 carry weight, if anyone's intrested)), it actully is easy, even Priscilla. I would higly recommend for those that are struggling (As well as the forest behind the gate, in Darkroot garden), or are just raging at Orenstein and Smough (as I currently am) and need a break. Happy soulin'!
By Anonymous
Fire shield just means more fire resist on it.
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