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By Anonymous
Tip: Don´t die.
By Anonymous
A little tip.

If you die after killing the titanite Demon but before you could pick up the loot it will be gone forever.
By Anonymous
His name is Gwynsen
By Anonymous
Top tip: use fog ring, demon spear and shield. Your life will be waaay easier here
By Anonymous
Yo lvl 50+ recommended?! Sorry if I’m just trash but that just doesn’t compute, my first character was like lvl 30 and my most recent character is only level 45 and I’ve only lost about 3 levels worth of souls. Any side areas/bosses y’all did before this to get that high?
By Anonymous
No. Just level more often and don't suck
By Anonymous
what a d.ick head answer^
By Anonymous
i thought blighttown is terrible, and then i found this place

thanks miyazaki
By Anonymous
I've finished this game and honestly it's overrated. half the levels are just contrived old school puzzle/platformy BS. Combat is janky and chap.
By Anonymous
Only bad place in this game is lost Izalith
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