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By Anonymous
so you are stuck once you fall in the tar pit or something?
because i didn't see any way out (except the doorgiant's balcony that is a dead end)
By Anonymous
If you can look up and remember where you are/understand and see where you came in, there is a door underneath where the first set of swinging axes is. If you are looking towards the entrance, then it should be off to your right.
By Anonymous
whos sen exactly
By Obliterator
Looks like it's a translation failure, because this name means Fortress of Thousand.
By Anonymous
This area is downright unfair but I love it. First blind playthrough of DS1 after completing its two sequels and getting halfway through bloodborne. Gonna feel so good when I get to the end of SNES Fortress... IF I get to the end of it.
By Anonymous
Did you get to the end of it
By Anonymous
Funny enough it’s actually one of the most fair places in the game because of how careful they had to be when designing a house of traps. Each encounter has a sign or warning to it.
By winged_spear_enjoyer
Ah! A treacherous man-serpent stands in my way on this narrow pathway! But i do not fear him, for my powerful WINGED SPEAR can inflict a large amount of damage from a distance, all while keeping my balance so that I do not fall in the frightful pit below. The powerful WINGED SPEAR shows us yet again that it is indeed the best weapon ever.
By Slowmocean
In case you were wondering, the man-serpent by the cage shortcut can ride the elevator up with you. I love me some cage fights haha.
By Anonymous
That map is giving me a f***ing mental breakdown
By Anonymous
okay who designed this flipping house out of satans backyard? this place is almost harder than getting past the londo archers or the slamjam bros, i hate this place so dang much, but for some reason everyone calls it a funny name so i call it "Sen's Funhouse of Doom"
By Anonymous
Have you considered moving when attacked? I find that works for me usually
By Anonymous
Is it possible to invade here, im doing a bad person build
By Slowmocean
Yeah just try to stay below sl50 and +10 weapon match or less. I made the top 100 on the naughty list from doing invasions here.
By Anonymous
Don't get lightning spear here either
By Anonymous
You get it from the mimic I believe
By Anonymous
Yeah you do, mimic
By Anonymous
Yo you don't get the crest key here take it off
By Anonymous
which dumb uninformed butthole would downvote a statement that is simply true as the Crest Key is found in the DLC.
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