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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

It's possible to kill the fire ball giant with a bow by standing halfways up the last stairs to the walkway with the gap in it. Back up just enough to be able to shoot arrows at it. It takes around 50 arrows with a longbow +5.


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Or just bait his flurry attack at the top of the staircase and wait for him to tire out, he stays down for a good 10-15 seconds, rinse and repeat
I never understand these strategies where you use 50 to 100 bolts or arrows to kill something from a distance, I mean do you suck that much that you can't just run up and kill the *****er? Would take much less time and effort. If you can't even take on a slow *** giant how do you get through the bosses or do you cheese your way through those as well? Git Gud. smh.
OP ... It's your game, play your way :)
At the top of the walkway near the giant who rolls boulders
Anyone know what the Tower Knight drops? There doesn't seem to be a page for it.
Dropped great sword for me but i think its random strong equipment
I farmed the Tower Knights for about an hour before beating the Iron Golem, and he drops a number of things: 1) Tower Shield 2) Great Sword 3) Large titanite Shard x1 4) Greataxe 5) All pieces of the "Steel" Armor Set (Helm, armor, gauntlets, and leggings...basically things you can buy from the Crestfallen Merchant if you have the souls...

An interesting thing to note though (and the true reason I farmed the Tower Knight for an hour heh heh...) is that if you haven't beaten the main boss of an area (The Depths, Blighttown, Sen’s Fortress, etc), the game keeps a tally of all enemies you have killed in that area, and some enemies count towards an invisible "point-system" that rewards you with one Liquid Humanity when a specific score is reached, before resetting to zero. The point tiers are: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 etc, all the way up to 1000, and reset to zero after each score is reached. I’ll give you an example: the first point tier is 100, and certain enemies have a hidden number that gets added up until you reach this hidden point tier. The Tower Knights are worth 20 points each time you kill one, meaning if you kill 5 of these guys before defeating the Iron Golem (totaling 100pts), you will be awarded with 1 Liquid Humanity! After you reach this, the counter resets to zero and 200 points must now be obtained in this area before you are rewarded with another Liquid Humanity. Simply kill 10 now and you will be rewarded again. You can do this in any area with a major boss, and a total of 10 Liquid Humanity can be acquired in each area by this method. Each area has its own individual point tally, so it’s ok if you defeat a boss before doing this. You can always move on to the next area and use this method if you wish. BE WARNED: most enemies are only worth about 5 points or so, so unless the area has a lot of enemies it can take a while to reach the required score count once you get to 300+. Because of this, the Tower Knights are excellent for getting liquid humanity quickly in a pinch, since they are worth 20 points each and will always respawn (I assume you’ve found the bonfire up top?). If you’re powerful enough, you can run over to him from the bonfire, kill with a few hits or pyromancy flame, and then run back down to the bonfire in about 1-2 minutes. Happy farming!
Does big hat logan move after you find him?
yes he goes to firelink if u talk to him


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I don't think this walkthrough mentioned the gate giant, he's accessible from the exit out of the tar pit behind an illusiary wall after u climb the first ladder
Don't know why someone thumbed you down for stating something useful lol.

To elaborate for future readers: As soon as you enter Sen's fortress, defeat the first two Serpent enemies in the starting room with the floor trap. In the very next room you will see first catwalk with swinging axes (the big room with the titanite Demons down below). From the beginning of the catwalk, you can literally drop all the way down and there will be a ladder to your left that serves to take you back to where you just jumped from. If you do not want to drop from this high, you can also proceed to the end of the catwalk all the way across the room, and then drop down to the lower level on your right side with the lightning-throwing serpents. Either way is fine. HOWEVER, if you decide to drop down where these lightning serpents are, you will have to run all the way across the bottom floor and to get to the ladder and it will be TO THE RIGHT OF THE titanite DEMON, NOT THE LEFT. After climbing this ladder, simply turn to your right and strike the illusory wall, and another ladder will appear. Climb this ladder to reach the outside area where the Gate Giant is (you can even see the chain he pulled). I believe he drops a titanite chunk.
There is a section referred to as "The Pit" and the gate giant is mentioned there...
For any who aren't sure, it is possible to kill the Boulder Giant. You can shoot him with arrows, yes...but you can also run and jump across the open space to the area where he is, and you can fight him up close if you choose to do so. Just make sure that you jump at the last possible moment, and know that he will respawn if you rest at a bonfire. I just found this out yesterday watching a video, and thought I'd share in case anyone else would like to know
Tfw you know more than the wiki.... to deal with a mimic, just throw a lloyd's talisman at it, it'll put it to sleep. The mimic will open it's mouth and it'll be safe to take it's goodies.
"It’s" means "It is". You should should have used "Its" in your sentence.


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You repeated the word 'should'. You should should not have done that.
Anyone else notice that the page has the mimic drop wrong? It links to the lightning spear (the miracle which you only get from joining the Warrior of Sunlight covenant), but the mimic actually drops a lightning spear (a spear upgraded with lightning damage).
This article says that the mimic looks indistinguishable from a chest, but there’s one tell that makes it really easy to spot the difference, no test hits required. Just look for the chain, if it’s curled backwards then it’s a regular chest, if forward then it’s a mimic. The way I remember which direction is which is that the chain is always pointing towards the treasure; if it’s pointing towards you then you’re the treasure.
Pretty sure mimics also have a (quite slow) breathing animation too