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By Anonymous
solaire made the fight so easy jolly cooperation is this game's solace
By Anonymous
I do the fight when I was undead
By Anonymous
same here. didn't know much about beeing human until my first 90h playthrough. but this fight is rather easily even solo as long as your weapon is more than +0 ;)
By Anonymous
the person who put his sign at the bottom of the ladder to the boss, ***** you.
By Anonymous
Fought them with both Solaire and Lautrec, I barely saw what happened
By Anonymous
What a derivative boss fight.. why not just remaster demon souls?
By GwynsHeir
Because its Dark Souls, its not a remake its a feature.
By GwynsHeir
Yeah just save one resin and pop it right before the cutscene, then give his tail a little bit of smacking and kill it. The increased damage and their lightning weakness should make it quiete easy to kill the first one before the second one can even launch an attack. But i consider to pick up the Claymore on the Bridge with Hellkite since it does manifique damage.
By AraknanNinja
I have fought then, and defeated them very easily, but when they dye, they don't droped the itens, 10000 Souls/twin humanity...

Somebody know why?

Maybe because it was the summons Who give the final blow? (Solaire and Lautrec)
By Anonymous
The axe requires that you cut off the first gargoyle's tail. The halberd, helmet, and shield are chance drops and are not guaranteed. The only things you are guaranteed to get by defeating this boss are the twin humanities and the souls. Phantoms have no bearing on this.
By Anonymous
Solaire did the tail cut for me with a lightning spear. Praise the sun!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If the second Gargoyle weren't wounded and is just a baby, why would its tail be missing and start out at half health?
By Anonymous
Some creatures (both real and mythological) don’t grow their tale until they reach adolescence or adulthood. And obviously it’ll have less health than the mature one, it’s just a baby
By Saint_Sneed
The problem is that it doesn't just have less health, it has missing health. If it just had less health, then when it appears the health bar would be full and you would take huge chunks from it with each hit. That means it's damaged, and the fact its tail is missing supports it.
By Anonymous
In one of the comics, the protagonist Andred of Ithvale was captured and forced to fight a bell gargoyle, and a titanite Demon. I would assume this is the same one, and same with titanite Demon in the darkroot garden / undead parish because its also crippled (missing its leg). Page 18 of "Dark souls Winter's Spite"
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