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By Anonymous
Gotta love how the whole strat for this boss is "summon Solaire"
By coredumperror
These guys were a pain on my first run, but fun to smush on NG+, hehe.
By Anonymous
I remember when I had hard times fighting them on my very first playthrough(which was my first time playing from software game as well). So today I was a bit shocked when I killed them in few swings of black knight sword
By Anonymous
Worst f***ing boss in the series!!! Total bulls***!!! The f***ers f***ing gang up on you and f*** you on the wall!!! F*** this game!!!
By Anonymous
Man's gonna cry at OS
By Anonymous
Git gud casul
By Anonymous
Best boss in the series, get good
By Anonymous
Bro I just got all their drops except for the shield NG on my first fight with them. Oddly enough Solaire was there. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. Praise the sun brothers and sisters.
By Anonymous
the main enemy here is gravity