Comments made to our Dark Souls Wiki
I've seen a lot of comments saying that the NG+ effects aren't true saying that they are still getting gravelorded while on their first play-through. When the article refers to the NG+ effects, it's telling you about how IF you ARE in NG+, you will see the npc enemies resembling red phantoms, however, if you are still on your first play-through, you can still be gravelorded. It simply won't have an effect on your world unless you migrate from NG to NG+. Let's call it the "misery" effect. In NG, there is no misery effect, but there is the possibility of being gravelorded. In NG+, both the possibility of being gravelorded and the misery effect are present. any NG post NG+, such as NG+7 (meta, I know), will persist to have the same effects as NG+. NG is the only play-through that won't under any circumstances have the misery effect.
So if I'm a Gravelord Servant +3, then leave the convenant, will the damage only by 120%?
No, it just drops to 90% again as your Rank 3 in the covenant gets erased once you leave it.
If I kill the bell gargoyles, but not the Taurus demon, can I still gravelord at undead burg?