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Do people boost for this?
Love That Gravelord!
Oh man here we go with the dumb DS3 players. Listen up blues. Reds ARE YOUR FRIENDS. This isn't Dark Souls 3 where it's the opposite. You gain literally nothing from killing reds unless you have some moral compass going on.
Holy hell. Stop PvPing if you don't know what is going on.
So the code is busted?
The code is not busted. It's just the way the game is designed. Dark souls three changed things up to make things easier, but ended up making this game's pvp a bit more confusing to newcomers.
Do not force your romance on the rest of us.
Does the Dried Fingers benifit or worsen The Eye of Death?
will you still deal your 30% damage bonus when you leveld the covennant up at max, leave it and then use the miricals?
Why did someone feel the need to capitalize EXACTLY in this article? It seems really UNNECESSARY.
Killed Nito after joining the covenant, now its gone from the "Covenant" list at the bonfire, dont know if its consistent, or if its a glitch. I was not a gravelord servant when i killed him
as per what this page has said, this is completely intended as the covenant leader is now dead so it cannot exist
Does the ring of the sun's firstborn affect the damage of the sword dances?
Does killing a boss area effect red phantoms while in use of the eye?
So I’m in chasm of the abyss and got gravelorded about a month ago and there are still red enemies wandering around. Is my game bugged or are there that many people running eyes of death around there? Those casters on the narrow bridge before manus are annoying