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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Ive never been invaded by someone in that covenant thru all my 11 play throughs
You can only be gravelorded in NG+, and the game is pretty much dead anyways
I was just "cursed" in my 3rd playthrough. Although I'm a noob, i invaded and killed the gravelord :D
its true the game has died off ever since 2 and 3 despite them being pale shadows of this one, I'm gonna do this covenant on my 135 character and see what happens
It's seeing a rebirth, strangely! A lot of people have migrated back to the first after the Ringed City dlc dropped in DS3. People may be replaying the series start to finish for a little nostalgia.
No, this game is not dead yet...there are still a lot of players on PS3 version...i get invasion, coop a lot around lvl 20-30
And then the remastered came
That is because you Gravelord servants don't invade!

They curse your world and then YOU can invade THEM!
I was cursed on my first playthrough (Remastered) on the bridge at Undead Burg. The Hellkite dragon killed me before I could even do anything about it though
The New Game+ is false. I just invaded a friend o fmine, and we're both fresh new characters. I'm 42, and he's 32. I invaded him at Undead Parish.
The Ng+ is referring to the addition of the red enemies that comes along with someone using the eye. You do not see these red phantoms in new game.
Dunno if it's of any relevance to anyone but you can experience first hand the misery you're spreading as a gravelord servant (one recurrent issue for most was: what's the point in doing it if you can't witness the struggle and the increased difficulty your victim has to deal with).
Tested it here
Someone below said you can only be gravelorded in ng+. Not true, im in my first playthough and i got into the covenant. In fact im using my first eye right now
having an eye of death used on you is being gravelorded
You can use the eye of death, but only, but only NG+ players will see the black phantoms.
In new game, you will see the summon sign of those that have used the eye, but you will not see the phantoms until ng+. You can use the eye in a new game.
"Someone below said you can only be gravelorded in ng+. Not true, im in my first playthough and i got into the covenant. In fact im using my first eye right now"

Being Gravelorded is not the act of joining the covenant and using it. It is having your world affected by a Gravelord servant. So it is still true, that you cannot be gravelorded until NG+
I'm on NG, and I've been seeing gravelord signs.
Im in new game and i am also being gravelorded wich is such a hassle coz for some reason invading them by activating the sign always fails
This is false/misunderstood

True, the black phantoms only appear in NG+ worlds.

You can however still see the gravelord sign and invade the gravelord servant when in NG
Does leaving the covenant cause you to lose the gravelord sword and/ or miracle?
not really however, it has these effects... Gravelord Sword Dance and Gravelord Greatsword Dance will only have 90% damage
Removal of half of Eyes of Death offerings
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I believe more testing is needed for this covenant. In a play through with my friend a while back I was able to summon black phantoms in his world in new game. Neither of us were in new game plus but it was completely on accident so I am not sure how I was able to gravelord him in new game but it seems it is possible.
Garbage Covernant, always 3 blue phantoms who always attack at the same time.
How dare people attack the malicious player at the same time instead of being "honorable".
Stop being so casul, git gud scrub.
i just joined so i could get the sword at the start of the game
Lucky, I cant even get one even after waiting for an hour at the same spot (SL20 +5weapon)


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Well then don’t use the Covenant you *****ing dope xD