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Best wrapon
my favourite set
I wish it was in the 3rd game.
I want this in dark souls 3
this set is not all that good, but I find my self using every play-through. it just looks too good.

my favorite armor set
Nice set!!!!!!



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Fashion Souls
Barbie for boys
The pieces of this set are so nice looking. They had no business not sneaking it into Dark Souls 3.
This set is super light and quite average to above average in defense. I just don't care for the way the helm looks.
Take it back
The helm is the best part!
wanderer and dingy seem to be both better and lighter, except for poise.
does 20 poise allow to tank anything ?

chainmail set seem to have better physical and poise, while around the same weight
Those sabatons are weapons in their own right.