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By KnightLautrec
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Restore the world to the natural order? Eh sure, better than burning alive to keep a dying flame and forcing the world to go crazy lit.
By Anonymous
i dunno how seriously anyone is actually taking this discussion but i find these comments interesting and it's nice that the game stimulates this kind of debate.

personally i believe that the framing of dark and fire/light in this game is meant to encourage you to disassociate morality with light or immorality with dark. it is a significant statement that "humanity" is the fragmented "dark" soul. humanity, as a resource, also empowers chaos, and luck/discovery. humanity embodies, to me, a kind of emotional volatility, but also willfulness. it's a gift and a curse. i don't believe either supporting or resisting the gods is framed as particularly more ethical. one is a move to protect the status quo (even though it is blatantly deteriorating, and the undead and their status in society are an obvious, major problem despite the apparent "order" of the world. also, the world of the game is riddled with illusions that make order seem more secure than it actually is, which insinuates the disavowal of creeping weakness among those who see themselves as in power), while the other is a move to bring in a new age (despite not knowing exactly what it could mean, or if it will be better). this is basically the gambit of choosing any political or ethical stance and carrying it out in daily life. given how messed up the world of the game is, i tend toward the side of a revolution over keeping the status quo. it seems like change is inevitable, either way. and the dark in turn will give way to embers.
By Anonymous
kaathe x frampt real
By Anonymous
ola, alguem me ajuda, eu respondi não para ela, mas eu precisava responder sim e agora
By Anonymous
I havent spoken to frampt once yet he still won't appear, turns out that if you place the lordvessel at all he is still scripted to not appear :'(
By Anonymous
How do you place the lordvessel without talking frampt? Thats the only way
By Anonymous
Frampt is that one guy in the truck with candy that your parents tell you not to talk to, yet he parks himself right in front of your driveway blocking you from getting into your house and forcing you to talk to him out of peer pressure.

Kaathe is your parents getting immediately pissed that you even talked to the candy man and immediately disowns you. This happens to 90 percent of kids or so my grandparents told me...
By Anonymous
At first I was like "yeah, the real good ending is letting humanity be its true self" and then I saw Manus and I could not torch myself faster.
By Anonymous
Is it too much to ask to want both the special sif cutscene AND being a darkwraith?
By Anonymous
I always pick the dark lord ending because it gives me chills every time
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