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It’s funny how the game basically points you at Frampt after obtaining the lord vessel. I’m curious how anyone simply skipped talking to him and found Kaathe at all.
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Man, good to see that after (quick google search) 12 years after the release, the discussion about endings is still taking place, and from multiple angles to that. Maybe this is why DS1 won the award of the best game of all times.
My headcanon is that there is pretty much no good and bad ending, it just the course of nature, both endings, not just the Dark Age. It may be easy to call the Age of Fire ending as "against the nature", but I suppose none of us has an issue with taking medicine, ESPECIALLY when we know we will die without them, like a diabetic taking an insuline. Death is very much natural, is it not? I've worked in a veterinarian office and I've seen many people with pets so sick and/or old, that death could very well come "tomorrow". Maybe even some of us have already experienced such loss. I believe that the moment we stand in front of the First Flame is the moment we choose between trying to keep things together and moving on. Or in that situation, between sustaining the treatment, when our beloved can't even move or eat on their own, only **** their own bed, or the final "sleeping injection". That is an extremely difficult decision to make, yet an important one. After that many have depression, even a feeling of guilt that they killed their beloved one with their own hand though that injection. And the thought of getting next pet fills them with feeling of betrayal towards their recent one, "just exchanging one toy for another". Obviously I cannot know that, but I'm pretty sure none of those deceased pets would ever wish to see their once-owners in such a state. They would much rather see them happy, sharing that happiness with somebody else. Dark Age isn't the end, there will be another day, another Age of Fire, and we need to live on.
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ds1 is anything but "the best game of all times" lmao where tf did that title crawl from
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it literally won the "ultimate game of all time" award lmao
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Overall, it’s pretty mid.
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Dark Souls is all about decay of divine kingdoms with Gwyn trying to alter the course of nature by cursing humanity and refusing to let his age of fire end. In a way the entire series is a morbid satire of what happens when you refuse to accept that everything comes to an end. Linking the fire is basically accepting your fate as a pawn in Gwyn's pathetic plan.
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I don't know what's going on with this whole moral compass discussion about which ending is good or bad

I became Fire because I'm a damn Pyromancer!
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Maybe this has been said, but I really think Dark Souls makes you try to disassociate light=good dark=bad by having the Gods side with demons (Witch Izalith), dragons (Seeth) and death itself (Nito) whilst the "dark" is just humanity
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Everyone arguing about which ending is better, while I'm here doing the Age of Dark ending just because I did the other one in my first run lol
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The endings/serpents are ambiguous especially after the DLC. Continue the status quo or let what's dying die for an uncertain future that may be better or worse. It's interesting to see arguments for/against the two ends but I do find it pretty boring to just jam the game into the framework of judeo christian good/evil and modern left/right politics.
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first of all, I agree wholeheartedly. If we're in a fantastic setting, we might as well get fantastical with ****, right?

But given the state of the Dark Souls world, it's hard to imagine that "continue the status quo" is the right choice lol.

(then again I'll always side with shaking things up when I'm in doubt, so maybe I'm just biased)
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truly a comment section infested with reddit athiests
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This dude placement single-handedly responsible for Vaati's career. I think if the game didn't hide the actual plot so well, this **** "FromSoft games are sooo vague" meme would've never appeared. It's only true for DS1, and even then, when you find Kaate he actually straight-up tells you everything.
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