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She never showed up for me :(
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Seriously amazed at how many people are willing to be the gods' little *****es.

Humans are of the dark, and the Dark Lord ending is the only good one. Period.
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not really. the enemies you encounter after the artorias fight, are the "humans". soooo, yea...either the gods are in power, or humans become long arm monkeys...and even if you kindle the flame, it's a temporary solution.

i'd say neither ending is good: one is the coming of darkness in which everything is corrupted

And the other is basically some extra time until the coming of darkness.
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Lots of people arguing about this choice but dont forget what our darling Fire Keeper says in 3. After you give her eyes she relays a vision of all encompassing darkness. And in that darkness, motes of light appear. Hundreds, then thousands, then millions. I think those lights are humans lighting their OWN fires, their own flames, coming into their own in a world without gods.

Gwyn created the dark sign to imprison humans, to keep them from inheriting the true power of their Lord Soul, theirs by right of descent from the Furtive Pygmy. And the cycle of linking the flame is the direct cause of suffering for millions of years; the dark sign and the curse of undeath ensured a steady stream of potential sacrifices without letting on what was happening, imprisoning them or sending them on quests to try and maintain his kingdom. He destroyed the race of dragons for no apparent reason other than to take control of the surface; we're never lead to believe the dragons do more than just EXIST before he and the others started a war. The flame, its self, comes across as being parasitic in nature, requiring more powerful souls as sacrifices to keep the cycle of misery going.

Gwyn is dead. His world is a shambling corpse worse than any hollow. Choose the greater good; let the fire fade.
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On my first NG i sided with Kaathe and link the fire, on my second NG i sided with Frampt and become dark lord.
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so who gives the DarkWraiths there paychecks Kaathe or the kings
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hate this guy
i seriously do, hes creepy and has a vibe of evil surrounding him plus he is the one who woke up manus! and he wants me to be the "dark lord" which sounds totally evil. i always go with frampt because all frampt is trying to do is preserve his friends legacy and the world he created with his own hands.
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Frampt still manipulates you and sends you to your death when you link the flame though and throughout the game we learn more and more about the true nature of the gods, slaughtering the dragons who we learn are peaceful, artificially extending the age of fire causing devastating consequences to humanity and so on. In the end both serpents are up to some dark stuff but frampt lies and kaathe is upfront and honest throughout. Truly a pick your poison situation!