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By Anonymous
I really really wish this sword is a curved greatsword and has unique moveset like when quelaag uses it, even if it makes the sword slower. The moveset, the length and the sound in the boss fight with quelaag of this sword is just fascinating.
By Anonymous
Requirements aren't terrible, not super heavy, gets pretty good fire damage and good scaling with dex. Curved sword moveset is nice, too. Getting stronger with humanity is a neat idea, and the damage bonus isn't nothing either. On a +5 Furysword, 10 Humanity will give you roughly 20% damage up. It does have split damage, but outside of Lost Izalith, fire damage is pretty good. I like the design idea of making a weapon out of a spider's leg, and the flame trail is pretty sweet. All in all, a good weapon. Definitely worth a shot on dex builds.
By Anonymous
Question: SL 120 meta PVP, this weapon and Gold Tracer, which is better?
Quelag will save my Warrior class 12 point in dex and reallocate in Vitality or endurance, with longer reach. But no bleed, 3.5 unit weight and slightly slower attack speed
While gold tracer require 25 dex and shorter reach, but weight only 2, bleed and faster

Which one is better?
By Anonymous
use both
By Anonymous
I love using this with black flame and dark orb/bead on my level 15 Parish invader
By Anonymous
I bet you do, twink
By Anonymous
So, what you're saying is you suck so bad at this game that's the only way you can kill anything? Duely noted.
By Anonymous
Its an incel. From what I've seen most smurfs and twinks in games can't get women.
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By MatinArtorias
That means you'll be matched with my sl15 GiantDad and he'll tear you up
By Anonymous
damn this guy REALLY pissed you people off
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Kill yourself
By Anonymous
twinks are fearful Cowards that prey on new players and low SL players with starter gear.
By Anonymous
It's still pretty bizzare to me that this and the tracers are the only weapons with unique swing trail effects for every attack in From's entire catalogue. They always seem to use it only for weapon arts now which kind of sucks because they look incredible but only show up for very few animations. Give us cosmetic Bloodflame effects on every single attack on Mogwyn's Sacred Spear you cowards.
By tapmcshoe
there are a few others in ds3 iirc. the gargoyle spear with a lantern in it has some fire fx
By Anonymous
Amazing weapon until you try it in DLC (it sucks in DLC don't bother)
By Anonymous
you're wrong, this sword can carry you on EVERY enemy that's not resistant to fire. I soled all DLC bosses with a SL50 pvp focused character, and Artorias i killed in first try.
By Anonymous
Idk? Did alright for me through the DLC, but that was my personal preference.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Unlike Quelaag’s body, this sword has no boobs
By Anonymous
no chest ahead
By Anonymous
As opposed to the chaos blade, which has HUGE gazongas
By Anonymous
This is one of the observations of all time
By Anonymous
Factually correct
By Anonymous
Deep lore
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Note that scaling is only of the physical damage.
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