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By Anonymous
furysword + magic estoc on a sorcerer = pontiff sulyvahn
By Anonymous
Feels wierd cosplaying as someone who didn't exist yet during that time
By Anonymous
I will killn myself.
By Anonymous
honestly, even after all the games they've released this is probably my favorite weapon
By Anonymous
i will killn myslf
By Anonymous
niggha you autistic or what ?
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By SoulOfCinderGaming
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ah yes the weapon that fits a cosplay for gwyn more than gwyn's actual sword
By Anonymous
I noticed when killing silver knights in anor londo with this thing they seemed to have a special death animation?
Could anybody else see if its just a glitch on my end?
By Anonymous
Enemies has different death animation when you kill them with fire.
By Anonymous
Thanks man.
By Anonymous
Everything that dies from fire damage or electricity has a special death animation, it is probably that.
By Anonymous
It is coz the fire dmg. When an enemy dies due to fire they wiggle around.
By Anonymous
absolute cancer of a weapon in low lvl builds. I love it.
By Anonymous
this weapon is kinda bad and i dont know y ive seen youtube videos and its really good on the videos but its just not good for me for some reason please tell me if there is a way to make it work as good
By sazarfuk
this weapon takes power from dexterity and humanity if it is weak increase them.
By Anonymous
This is one of the best weapons in the entire game. If the damage sucks then you need some more points in Dex and some humanity
By Anonymous
Good damage, fast attacks, good reach, low stamina usage, low weight, easy to use, looks cool and is a lot of fun. For casual PVE this is dex heaven. R1 is your new best friend.
By Anonymous
Straight truth, brother. Crafted this thing with my original starting Scimitar and never let go. First playthrough was just *Chef's kiss* with this
By Anonymous
Love this thing. Looks amazing and feels effortless to use.
By Anonymous
i just crafted it, and accidentally reverted it back to a falchion..........
By Anonymous
i fell the pain
By Anonymous
Big oof.
By Anonymous
Note that scaling is only of the physical damage.
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