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How to make sword +10
you go to the undead parish, kill capra demon, unlock the door to the depths, the chest the left of the butcher you see when you first come in will have a large ember which you give to andre, then you get a weapong to +5 and the button to get it to +6 is actually in the modify equipment section then all the +10 upgrades qill cost large titanite shards which can be bought from the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo for 3800 a piece. I know it's a long a boring process but the lifehunt scythe and bloodbite ring together are a great combination!
It only goes to +5 like all special weapons
Go to any blacksmith or use a smithbox, then find the large ember, give to Andre, then make +6 with Andre, then upgrade it some more.
I am making a pyro build and I need to know if chaos or fire would be better
Chaos is stronger if you have 10 humanities
this is a boss weapon, so you cant infuse it. its essentially just a really good chaos infused curved sword though.
What if this weapon was originally obtainable like dragon tails? You cut it, and get it. I mean it looks literally like Quelaag's Leg.

While dragon tail weapons don't really look like tails, rather tails that were smithed.
It looks more like Queelag's fury sword, than her log though, since it actually IS queelag's fury sword, to a T.
I believe the tail-cutting for weapons comes from old Japanese stories, where the sword Kusangi-no-Tusrugi was found by Susanno-O when cutting off the fourth tail of an eight-headed dragon (there may be other examples, I'm no scholar for sure). Rather than being the tail itself, Susanno-O found the sword inside the tail, hence the tail-cut weapons usually not looking like the actual tail, Gargoyle Axe excepting.
Okay why is there no damn trasparent Quelaags furysword images for editing on google anywhere? I need *****ing one for editing.
you could always convert to png, and then photoshop out the white background
Does it improve with dex?
Yes, but not by a lot since its base physical damage is low and its scaling is only B.
The Casul Furysword
Love how butthurt this made so many people.
44 people are one-trick-pony QFS users.
hur hur dur ima hurcur gemur so i mek fun of casul pliyers. dumbass
Sounds about right
it is THE official sword of twink™. its potency diminishes quickly upon gaining levels, where tons of other weapons begin to outclass it. only useful to low lvl builds, where it absolutely RAEPS™, especially on other low lvl, low poise builds. for whatever reason many twinkies feel the need to justify their OP twink builds as "totally legit bruh i aint no casul". now id be lying if i said i didnt have a character reserved specifically for doing this, but i also wont be the one to argue that its even remotely fair, either
This weapon’s basically the fire version, of the pontiff knight curved sword! Well, at least that’s my opinion anyway.
Not really. The R2s are way different. The Scimitar is significantly more similar to pkcs than the furysword.
Since it came first, wouldn't that make the Pontiff Knight Curved Sword the Plain Version of this?
Can some one update this page to show the fire dmg.


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Done :)
If humans were created in the image of God, then under these conditions, it means that we are able to become gods ourselves.
Definitely best weapon for resistance build
Lol resistantance build? Really hope you’ve never done this
lmao this needs to get on sifposting