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You cannot buy anything from Ingward if you have all ready defeated the four kings.
You can find him in firelink shrine after talking to him.
In Firelink, he only sells Transient curses :(
He'll sell it in NG+ and it's immediately accessible
I just obtained this trophy today on current version 2/5/17 and did have to obtain all of the sorceries from Dusk's catalog (obtained from Elizabeth personally) before the trophy unlocked.



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That is odd. Since I got the platinum before dusk was available. There were no patches changing trophy support, and in no other game has dlc content been necessary for trophy unlocks for base game.
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In playing on PS5 7/7/2021 and also had to get the Oolacile spells before my trophy popped, the second I got the last one from her I got it
I HAve all of the spells(not dlc) but no achievement, checked 5 times
You need to only have 1 of each spell, pyromacies or miracles in order to unlock any trophy, seems like if you have more than 1 it doesnt work
Make sure to aquire the spells in a legit way. Have this achievement on multiple platforms and.multiple versions of the game, if not all
The great magic weapon can only be found on the Anor Londo chandelier right? it is missing in the last category
Big Hat Logan also sells a copy.
You can buy it from Big hat Logan but I still feel like it should be included there.
On Remastered, you must have Dusk of Oolacile's sorceries to proc the achievement
You need dusk sourceries in order to do the achievement
Is pursuers needed? The spell you get from trading Manus' soul with snuggly?
You don't need any spell from the dlc
rickert sells soul arrow and great soul arrow someone should update this
sorry heavy soul arrow
None of the achievements requires anything from the DLC. You don't need the Obsidian sword or Gough's bow for Knight's Honor, and you don't need any of the Oolacile or Abyss magic for the three magic achievements.
Except when the game decides that you do for some reason...