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Da solier **** tard of fcking see
What are your Problems, maybe some health care for you would be good.
This is a lot more confusing than it should be. But I'm glad there's a table for convenience.
What does the dotted outline mean?
I believe it means that they are the best talismans for those levels if you don't want to/can't join the darkmoon blades.
So, the outlines show wich is the best talisman you can use at a given faith value. I believe the dotted frame shows an alternative of the Darkmoon talisman, as it is a PvP covenant equipment. So, if you play offline and have 43 or more faith, Ivory talisman and sunlight talisman are the best you can get (without farming for days). And for 40, 41 and 42 faith, it is still the canvas talisman. Just a supposition though?
No, you're right
It only takes about 40 minutes to farm all the souvenirs offline. And if you plan it right, you can do it in your first run thought the painting.